You did it!!!

Welcome to The Little Things!!

We are SO very excited and can’t wait to spend the day with you.

Now that we have your email address and you’ve reserved your spot we will be emailing you in a few weeks with more information and a questionnaire so we will know BEST how to meet your needs at this conference.

Until then feel free to email either of us with any questions you might have!

Now, ready for a little pre-workshop homework?

It’s really practical.

Go find your camera manual (or you tube videos about your specific camera if you have no idea where your camera manual is) and start studying your camera. Know where certain buttons are….ask yourself (and look up) what the symbols or letters mean on your camera body. This will help us be able to really help you become comfortable in shooting!! ┬áIt’s something little… but it will pay off big time come conference time!


P i n t r e s t