Sincerely Sessions

It’s taken me a few years to find the balance of being first a mommy and then an artist. And while I think that quest for balance will probably be a lifelong striving… I do feel like I’m at a place where I have the freedom to pick up my camera for the enjoyment of other families…. hopefully yours.

I want the photos I take for you to be a part of your families heritage. I want them to capture you and your family in the most sincere and precious way we can. When a person looks at my work…. the greatest compliment is not when they say “great photographer” but when they say  “what an incredible family”.  That is what’s most rewarding to me.

So if you want love captured, you want relationships highlighted, that essence of togetherness that says family. I’m your girl.


2015 Sincerely Sessions include: 

1 1/2 Hours of me capturing your family.

100 edited images in an online gallery ready for viewing, ordering and sharing.

Digital Negatives of those 100 images in a Download Link delivered right to your inbox.

$350  * Ask me about returning client and adoptive family discounts  * Multi-generational family sessions there is a $100 extra fee + extra time built into the session.

Please contact me by email at to schedule your family session

I am limiting the amount of sessions I am currently booking so that I can keep my own family top priority but also so that I can really invest in my clients that I do take on. I can’t wait to meet you and fall in love with your family.


Here are a few FAQ’s  

What kind of locations and activities can we do?

You name it. Parks, Theme Parks, Sports games, Farmers Market, Breakfast…lunch…dinner… wherever!! Ice cream stores…. Picnics. Swimming Pool. Rodeo. Farms. Gardens. Ranch. Horseback riding. Football games. State Fair. Ballet Recital. Train stations…… I love capturing togetherness. So, whatever you enjoy doing together…. let’s preserve those moments for always.

My favorite place is your home! I think it’s so important to have memories made where we raise our children at. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. And what makes a photo incredible is rarely the surrounding… it’s the love and togetherness in the people in the photos!  You can start at home and can also pick one or two areas near where you live and shoot around there too.   

Would you shoot my child’s birthday party or a family get together with extended family? Absolutely. What a great time of togetherness. Let me know what you have in mind and we can see if we can tailor a session around such an unforgettable event.

Can you photograph a larger group of multiple families within one family?  

Definitely. I know the importance of these type of shoots and allow extra time to  make sure to capture the various combinations of photos you want.   For sessions that add in more than grandparents to a single family session, there is a $100 extra fee.  Each of the families will have access to the gallery and digital downloads.

What should I wear? What should we bring or have ready for the shoot?

Wear what is YOU!!! If matchy matchy is you… then bring on the co-ordinating outfits. If everyone has their own unique style… go with it. If you want to run a few ideas by me, I’m always glad to offer my suggestions.

If you have little ones… make sure they have access to their favorite toys, books, blankies and favorite things. If you have older kids, have them grab and few things that they love right now and that maybe illustrate their personality… cell phones, games, sports, best friends, drawings, talents.

If we do shoot in your home…which is one of my favorite things ever!, DON’T feel like your home has to be perfectly spotless. Don’t try to create a sterile environment to shoot in. BE TRUE to what your home is like 99% of the time. That’s what your children will come to love and miss once they are grown.

H0w long will it take to get our photos back? I allow 3-4 weeks for full editing and uploading. Once I have your gallery up, you will receive an email with the link to your gallery as well as a download link to gain access to full size digital negatives right then. You can print locally using those as well as order prints through the pro lab I use in the online gallery and they will be shipped to you in just a few days.

How do I reserve a session and how do I pay you?   Just email me and let’s see about finding a time spot that works for you and me! Right now I just require payment on the day of the shoot. Please remember to bring a check or cash to your session. If you forget, I will email you a Paypal invoice and you can pay online and there will be a $25 charge on top of the session fee.

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