Dear Friend,

* written in response to those in my life who can’t take a simple “no thank you, I’ll pass” on the ventures they are selling/marketing to me,  also to those who may be considering embarking on such a sales opportunity…. as a caution to really think through and ask yourself some questions about if it’s right for you and your family, and finally as an encouragement to those who have a hard time saying no to these type of things when you know you should but you have a hard time letting people down or fearing hurting their feelings. 

Dear Friend,

I know that in order to be successful at your recent endeavors you must be zealous and focused in telling people about your new found passion. I understand that.

I know that you really truly do believe in your product or plan or company.

I know that you have seen it make others quite wealthy and even maybe perhaps is earning you a little bit or more than you even imagined right now.

I know that recruitment is the crux of your success. The actual product is part of it, but the profits from the actual products is only a part of your income… the successful people earn way more in the profits of those they recruit.

I know that in order to make it in this business you have to be vocal about it, you have to post on your Facebook wall constantly, you have to follow up with possible leads, you have to WORK HARD!!!!

I know that  most likely you have very honorable reasons for gaining wealth in this new business of yours. You want to support your family, get out of debt, adopt, be healthy and all that very good stuff.

I know that in order for you to really even benefit from the product or plan yourself, you need to be selling it and selling it fast in order to afford it yourself.

I know the possibilities are endless.

I know. I know. I know.

But do you know?

That it’s hard to keep friendships 100% genuine when sales pitches and the company become something that’s always brought up and it’s not just because you’re excited about it, you want me to be a part of it too.

That I already work really hard to pursue the things I’m passionate about in order to bring in income. I love photography. I love hairstyling. And in the end, over the course of my life I probably will make more doing that then you will most likely make doing this new business.

That I’d almost have more respect for you if you’d just come out and say that you want me to try your product and jump on board instead of doing small talk and even beating around the bush suggesting you’ll call me sometime about a new opportunity you have and want to tell me about.  honestly, as a mom of 5 littles, I don’t have time for small talk or phone calls about “an opportunity”

That my time is so very valuable. With 5 kids under the age of 6… I barely have time to take a shower, answer personal emails, edit the photos I take of my kids, love my husband well, and spend time with God.  If I’m going to throw myself into an endeavor it’s going to have to be something that I can’t  live without being a part of my life and something that is worth it in the long run when it means sacrificing this valuable time I have with this family of mine.

That you often leave out the part of how much hard work and how much time it actually takes someone to make the amount of money or to get the results of those in the success stories you tell me about.  Time = Money.  So, when somebody says I can get free…. electricity for my home, or free trips to the bahamas, or free vitamins for life… by being a part of a company, I don’t see it that way. I see it as something you have to earn and work hard for.  It’s NOT free!!!   I would never sell someone the idea of going to cosmetology school by telling them they can get hair products half off.  When I am able to buy things at a discount at a beauty supply store…. it’s because I worked hard and paid for school and took the test. It’s not a selling point in why someone should be a hairdresser. Passion must be primary.  (In my opinion)

I’ve seen so many talented people give up or set aside their talents and passions in order to make a lot of money selling a product or company that isn’t even connected with those talents and passions. They spend hours and years of their lives investing in something that doesn’t ultimately make them happy or fulfilled… the money does or the longing for it, but the product or company is just a means to that money. I have been taught and strive to make a living doing what I love. I believe that if you truly love what you do then you’ll be successful and even if you aren’t financially it will still not be a waste because you will have done what you love and bettered yourself because of it.

As a woman in particular, I think wisdom is required in thinking through our careers and passions. Will this be the rage in 8-10 years? Will something else have replaced it by then? Will truths have come out that damage the companies reputation?  Do you want to retire with this company? Did you seek this company out because of your passion for it…. or is someone from the company seeking you out?  Does a family lifestyle….or future family lifestyle fit into a zealous sales lifestyle? How does this product, company, skill, benefit my children, future or currently. I think wisdom is required to really think through something if the only reason you can come up with is more money.  I think for the life of a believer, work shouldn’t just be about making money. I know of plenty of people who for a short time had to work at jobs that they didn’t really love because they knew that it would provide for their family in the moment, I understand that… but this new endeavor isn’t’ like that, it can’t be to really be successful in it.

That 99% of people fail at doing Multi level networking sales jobs. 99% people. Do you REALLY think you’re the 1%?  You might be. I can’t say you’re not. But in proverbs 8 (which is a book full of wise words… not commands but just words that you would be smart to heed.) it says, “Riches and honor are with me, {wisdom} and enduring wealth and righteousness. (vs. 18) So I think wisdom is needed in situations like these when statistics and research prove that most of the time these MLN companies do not make the vast majority any money, in fact often costing them quite a bit instead.

If you’re bound and determined to be the top percent of those who do make money doing this…. please understand that I can not be a part of it. Mainly because I am held accountable to God and my family for the things I spend my time and money on. Saying yes to you, even if it’s for a free demonstration or a phone call explaining benefits of this product or company, is saying no to something else. And right now, I have to really use wisdom to help me choose what to say yes to…..for MY family.

Even going to a product party where there is less pressure to purchase something and involves visiting with friends, that means time away from my family and responsibilities… and I have a lot of them. 12$ for something may not seem like a lot to most people, but it’s a lot to us in this chapter of life, if you’re selling a product that is amazing and quality and that I need, chances are I know about it, and will purchase it as I am in need of it, or will be saving for it.  Thank you for inviting me, but right now, in this chapter of life I’m in… my answer will often always be no.

I want to challenge you to really research MLN companies and see the statistics for yourself.  Have you taken the time to research what godly financial experts advise and suggest in going forward with a company like this? Have you sought advice from your friends and family to see if your skill sets are in marketing and if they would be a part of this with you, even before you sign up to do it?  Have you taken the time to use the product and/or company and see the results and test the results and even be able to be a walking advertisement for the products?  I want you to ask yourself if having a business like this is worth having friends in your life feel like they are being solicited for your gain. (because whether or not that’s your intention, that’s what it feels like… and in this type of business, it’s kind of the truth of the matter) How does this product, company or pursuit glorify God and put wisdom first? Not saying it doesn’t…. just asking you to make sure it does.

If you were to be honest with yourself, if you didn’t get a single person to purchase or sell your product…. would you still love it and does the actual product benefit your families life?  It may. But I just want to encourage you to ask yourself if you’re setting aside God given passions and skills in order to do this. I want you to ask yourself if you’re just doing this for the money or the HOPE or desire for money.  How long did you pray and plan and prepare for this new business? With MLN companies, YOU are your own business. Starting your own business takes a lot of planning and most business startups fail within the first 5 years. I would never even consider starting my own business without counting the pros and cons and weighing the costs and looking down the future to see if this is something you want to invest your life into.

I love you and I’m glad you contacted me…. I hope you receive this with humility and understand that it’s with love in my heart that I write it.  I can separate business and friendship, (i.e. I have lots of friends who I don’t cut their hair and who I am not their family photographer… and that’s okay!!) so please know that I want to still be your friend.

Blessings to you,


Edited to add:

Please don’t think I don’t like marketing. I actually really enjoy great marketing. Please don’t take this as me saying companies that have home parties or require a little leg work aren’t legit or are wrong.  I’m not. I use plenty of products that get sold at home parties. If I want to order them I know who to call because of their quality marketing. But it probably won’t be from the person calling and calling me even when I tell them that really no time is a good time for their sales call. I think sometimes just being faithful to your product and letting it grow over time instead of the “make money fast” mentality is a much better way to have a business pay off in the end. ( I find Avon ladies are usually really good at this. The products tend to sell themselves but it’s great to know who your local Avon lady is!)  I just don’t agree that everyone you meet/call is a good fit for selling that product. And you might agree with me, but the way you talk about it to everyone tells me that you’re willing to give everyone a chance to get on board and let’s be honest, it’s part of your job.   I just think in our society where we often don’t think through the long term effects of even the littlest of decisions…. that we have to be careful when it’s not just 1 friend selling a certain brand… but soon you have 5 friends selling it and then you get invited to party after party and listen to sales pitch after sales pitch and you LOVE these people and you do want to invest in their lives…. but we also have to learn to say “No…. this isn’t the best use of my time and resources”.  This letter isn’t a letter scorning every company who uses people as marketing….. This is just a letter asking you, those thinking through joining one and those who might have a hard time saying NO  to just think through each aspect and angle. Apply wisdom, then go live the life you know God’s calling you to. (which if it’s sales… great! Just please truly listen to me if I say “I’ll pass” on this “awesome opportunity”)




P i n t r e s t