A perfectly imperfect wedding | Clayton & Mikaylah

I know, wedding days are supposed to be what little girls dreams are made of and created of amazing moments with friends and family that are strung together by a giddy like excitement for the lifetime to come.  The bride and groom ride off into the sunset with not a care in the world just a passion for each other and a much needed vacation on a beach somewhere.

That’s not how this wedding day was.  In fact every which way you were to look were details that weren’t typical of most bride and groom centered weddings.  Getting ready was a blur of family time all needing to share the same space and plug outlets. The groomsmen were staying out of the way at a neighbors house and instead of playing pool and smoking cigars they were keeping a baby occupied. When the place for the formal photos ended up being closed off…. not a word of complaint was uttered as shoes got dusty and sweat appeared at the new improvised location.  Once at the church…. well, school, (where our church meets) the bride and groom and wedding party flew into action as they folded programs and hung backdrops, not a drop of resentment was seen, just the heart of a servant. “I don’t care about everything being perfect, I care most about getting up there and promising my life to you!”  Overheard words of a groom comforting his emotional 8 month pregnant bride to be in an elementary school bathroom.  Even in what was supposed to be a blissfully happy day, this couple was keeping it real and addressing real needs and real fears with TRUTH…. not fleeting expectations of making each other happy in the moment.

as the day passed by, time after time I was thrown off guard from my normal wedding experience as a photographer. What most might consider an easy wedding to shoot I instead was realizing that the stakes were almost higher today. How could I capture the depth of the commitment that was already taking place and about to be made official? I almost wanted to tell them to sit back and let others serve them and finish decorating… but I didn’t because they were doing exactly what they wanted to be doing and were content.  How could I capture the maturity that the young couple showed as they knew that a honeymoon wasn’t what they would be leaving to head off to,  but that there were relatives they wanted to spend time with the coming week, and a baby to finish preparing for.

Yes, this day was about much more than the glitz and glamour of it all. It was about honoring God and loving their family and church family. It was about bringing the next generation into a family that above all else wants to put God first.  They once were sinners. They once lived for themselves. They once were imperfect. But God. He made them righteous. He gave them a heart willing to sacrifice for others. He made them perfect for Himself….. and perfectly imperfect for each other. They will sharpen each other…. humble each other…. love each other deeply….. from THIS day forward.

Normally I don’t shoot weddings as a main shooter anymore just due to family and having so many little ones right now.  The fabulous Kristin Shyla Photography is crazy amazing and I would usually recommend her and hope to tag along as a second shooter. But she is super busy shooting weddings all over the south this summer and wasn’t able to be here for this one. So, I was able to shoot this one and bring along my awesome brother Joel as a second shooter. (Thanks Bro… you were a joy to work with that day!!)  I’m so glad it worked out this way because this was a wedding that I was blessed to capture and it taught me a lot about the beauty of imperfection and the amazing grace of our big God.
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