Matt + Lily : Pittsburgh Wedding

Lily was one of my first friends here in St. Petersburg after we moved here. She was Evie’s kindergarten teacher. The way I know Evie is bonding with someone is that she comes home and when we are just hanging around the house she tells me stories that person has shared with her or has done. So when Evie talked non-stop about Lily and her Mr. B. I knew there was a special bond taking place. She has great taste in friends because Lily and Matt have become dear dear friends of ours. We have shared many moments and every time it seems to intentional and full of meaning and beauty. That’s exactly how their wedding felt. It was beautiful, meaningful, and every detail intentional. It was our joy to be able to be there in Pittsburgh for this union. I told someone that this is the first wedding that my kids talked like it was one of their friends getting married… because that’s exactly what they are to us all. We love you Matt and Lily! We can’t wait to see what adventures of growing, learning, remembering, and loving lay ahead for your family.

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