you vs. we

The thing with so many Christian books and podcasts and influencers targeting middle/upper-class women/men talking about YOU do YOU, and pressing into what God’s called YOU to, and YOU pursuing YOUR God-sized dreams… is that in order to tackle the wicked systems of oppression and to surprise the world with the subversive ways of Jesus… then it’s going to take a lot of US living in intentional eye-opening ways that require US to have to fight against the flow of the system that we naturally drift upwards within yet harms and oppresses the poor and marginalized in our cities who should be our neighbors (but often due to sinful systems aren’t).

It’s time to start speaking about how WE and US as the Church can and must stop upholding unjust, racist, and oppressive school systems, housing systems, legal systems, prison systems, charity systems, medical systems, and more. 

Because we can read and listen to a ton of voices calling us to individual holiness and right living and dream following… but NEVER EVER see the river of oppression that our lives are charted to flow down just by nature of the history and class and race we are born into. 

It takes intentional choices that will feel so counter-culture and risky and isolating to fight this mighty river that isn’t going away anytime soon. Choices that will seem to be (both by society and the church) too unwise, too risky, too much, too costly, too drop in the bucket when we need a tsunami, too radical, too divisive, too crazy, too foreign and too uncomfortable. 

That’s why I wish there were a multitude (there are a few) of published and promoted voices calling US ALL to and encouraging us living out that kind of calling… that size of dream… that kind of doing. One that leads us to call our family and friends and neighbors to this narrow path. And possibly have to find new family, friends, and neighbors because few will follow.

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