Listening to those in the trenches when it comes to Abortion.

When we keep elevating the voices of super educated and powerfully positioned people to be on boards of Pro-life orgs and to speak on the topic of abortion and life at conferences and on websites OVER those in the trenches of doing the work needed for holistic upstream change, we will keep patting ourselves on the backs for being “pro-life” and demonizing those who don’t approach it the way we do or who call themselves pro-choice while doing very little to actually change the culture AND the church’s attitudes towards children and those in the margins. 

SO TIRED of hearing people talk about abortion whose qualifying factors are degrees they’ve earned, institutions they are part of, books they’ve written, who they know, and the pulpits they fill. 

We can do better. 

Problem is… I don’t think we really WANT to hear what those who are on the front lines of adoption, foster care, mental health, poverty, education, and incarceration issues. Because then we might actually hear how it’s OUR lives, our speech, our budgets, laws that impact our comfort zones, our churches that will have to change in a way that will be very uncomfortable, what we might hear is how ALONE and unsupported they feel as they fight their way upstream and alter their lives …. NOT it’s just on the rest of the country needing to admit that it’s a baby and to have laws telling them so that is the solution. 

It’s going to cost our lives. 

History has proven that.

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