Homeschoolers, Co-opers, Christian Schoolers… I love you but can I give you a suggestion?

Homeschoolers, co-opers, private christian schoolers, please PLEASE be careful how you talk about the public school experience or public schoolers in front of your children…or with anyone really. 

You see, I grew up with a certain mentality being engrained into me just even from casual conversations happening by my parents and their friends, but often had with me as reasons I should be grateful for the education choices they were making….a mindset that I’m STILL working to undo in myself. A mentality that pretty much pitied those whose parents stuck them in public school, and being away from their family for hours and hours on end. And how they learned so much boring status quo stuff and couldn’t travel, be as involved in church, or experience a lifestyle of learning like we could. And how they got bullied and cussed at and taught stuff that the Bible doesn’t agree with by people who don’t love Jesus around kids who have to have the attention given to them split up…thus having a very sub par education compared to ours. 

And you can say that type of superior christian education mindset doesn’t exist today. But it does. I had it for YEARS!!! I hear it all the time. I see it all the time. (I’m in these small groups, I’m in these FB groups, I overhear these conversations, I read these IG posts, Ive been in these circles for decades.) 

And it’s part of the problem in keeping our education system segregated by color and class and unjust in the ways it hoards or limits opportunity and well being of society.

We all make our educational choices for a number of reasons. 

But it would be so amazing to hear us all honestly and humbly talk about how our school choices impact those who Jesus loves dearly and who are near to His heart…the marginalized. 

If we did we might not be so quick to talk in certain ways about public schools…especially the “bad” ones nobody hopes their child has to ever attend. 

And maybe…just maybe God will flip your world upside down like He did mine and take a homeschooling for life mama and open her eyes to the realities of education in this country and how the language of “privilege and segregation” have been painted over by the language of “values and what’s best for our child.” And how rich of a Kingdom exists in these walls that I once looked at as prisons, in teachers who I once distrusted but who have become dear friends of mine, in families who I once would not want rubbing off on mine but now sit around my dinner table and save the day when we find ourselves in need. 

All I’m saying is be careful how you paint the ol’ public school system. Be careful that your privilege doesn’t distance, isolate or elevate you from those who have less or who make other choices than you. If you choose to homeschool or christian school…look for ways you can uplift and encourage and come alongside of your local public schools and their teachers and families! And may your talk surrounding them be words of truth, appreciation and respect.

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