adjusting for more

There’s a lot of people who if they found out they were expecting another child would freak out, cry, and worry how in the world they would do this parenting thing without losing their minds only to stop freaking out, accept it, adjust their life to make room and capacity, and tend to arrive at a place where they couldn’t imagine their life without this child that God gave them that they didn’t plan on. 

But many will never take action on that unexpected leading/tug/conviction towards adoption or foster care out of a fear of lack of capacity, possessions or ability or thinking they would lose their mind. And many will never realize that all it would have taken would be moments of freaking out, adjusting life’s priorities to make room and capacity and realizing they never could have imagined their life without the child(ren) God brought into their life that they didn’t plan on. 

I only say this because God isn’t not calling enough people to step up and open their hearts and homes. I believe we just crave control, have bought into societal norms as far as what family is supposed to look like and think we know best what we are capable of before ever putting our yes on the table to what God may have in store! 

If you at all are feeling that tugging or whispering… please take the next step. Even if it means having hard conversations with others in your life who may not be where you are yet. Even if it means halting debt reduction plans. Even if it means people will look at you like you’re crazy. Even if you aren’t married and have no plans in the future to be. Even if you’re scared (we all were/are.). Even if it throws your life into a tailspin. 

It’s worth it. It’s all worth it.

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