politically homeless

Being a politically homeless upside down Kingdom driven gal means that I’m lamenting and angry over the wall rhetoric and immigration policies AND also over the newly passed reproductive rights bill. 

But that doesn’t mean that I check out of politics. Because politics are about people. I love the quote by Eugene Peterson that says ““The gospel of Jesus Christ is more political than anyone imagines, but in a way that no one guesses.” 

It does mean that I won’t find a home or a place to fully belong on either side of the aisle. 

It does mean that I’m going to confuse/frustrate my friends on the right and confuse/frustrate my friends on the left. If I’m honest, it often all confuses and frustrates me. 

But I have to still continue to press on and press in… 

– Sometimes that will mean listening, feeling helpless and at times wrestling back hopelessness. 

-Sometimes that will mean spending time (that I feel I don’t often have) researching and reading and digging for facts and applying those facts on various perspectives and lived experiences. 

– Sometimes that will mean standing for or against things that other believers are on the opposite side of and knowing that peace doesn’t always mean agreement or a lack of tension. 
And things worth researching and standing for are worth having conversations about. 

– Sometimes (oftentimes) that will mean learning through making mistakes. Either in knowledge, tone, patience, or perspective. But not letting fear of making mistakes keep me silent or feel intimidated. 

– Sometimes that will mean getting accused of being depressed, hopeless, negative and divisive because I focus on broken and oppressive systems that won’t get fixed in our lifetimes but still are worth us changing the way we live as not to perpetuate them. 

– Sometimes that will mean feeling like this isn’t what I signed up for, being resentful of others who seem to be “called” to life not in close proximity to these broken systems, missing the bliss I used to feel in living the Christian life, and wrestling against the pull of the more known and accepted ways of doing things in church, education, and discipleship because I see systemic oppressive flaws within them AND at the same time loving on others who don’t see them as problematic in order to hopefully see change happen from within. 

– Sometimes that will mean not getting online for a few days, or saying no to ministry/church related things, or somehow finding the time to drive outside of the city limits in order to truly rest. 

– Sometimes that will mean fighting for shalom when I don’t feel like you have any fight left in me knowing that heaven is coming and the Joy of the Lord will be my strength (even though that Joy doesn’t really look or feel like what we think Joy looks and feels like). 

So weary, wounded, homeless, feeling helpless, determined, discouraged, fighter for freedom and knights of the upside-down Kingdom, 

Keep on keeping on. Knowing that all these imperfect sometimes will one day become a perfected always. 

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