Trusting God with your Pipe Dreams

This photo was taken 5 years ago to the day. This was the first time I held Abel in my arms. The first time I laid eyes on my new son. The first time we fell head over heels in love with this child!

But let me tell you something about what made this moment possible. 5 weeks prior to this day…. I was having coffee with a friend. She happen to ask me if we were going to adopt again. Ya’ll… I had a 4 year old, a 3 year old a 2 year old and a 1 year old. I promise you we were NOT thinking about adopting again any time soon. And there was probably enough craziness running around in that living room for her to have good reasons not to have even asked.

But she asked.

So I was honest in my response and told her about this pipe dream of ours. We had gotten to know our neighbors daughter who has down syndrome and Dan and I both had mentioned that we would ONE DAY love to adopt a child who had that extra something special! Honestly, It seemed more like a “pipe dream”. It was the first time I had said something about this to anyone besides Dan. It even felt a little foolish considering the kids that were probably underfoot and needy during this very conversation. We chatted about it briefly and finished our coffee!

THEN…. 4 weeks later she facebook messaged me about a post she saw due to a friend sharing it.
It said this: “We need your help!! Special needs baby needs home. Born Sunday. Probable downs syndrome. Please share with people you think might be called to parent this little one. Please pray for us to find this baby’s parents.”

I think I laughed when I got it. I was probably laughing when I emailed the agency a few questions regarding what they were looking for as far as a family. I wasn’t laughing when she responded and said we met the requirements for what they were wanting but needed a few more documents and a whole lot of money (a lot to us… not to God)

The next few hours and days are a blur… but Dan and I were a bundle of laughter, tears, joy and fears when 6…yes, SIX days later we were in Las Vegas holding Abel for the first time and the adoption was fully paid for.

Morale of the story here:

1. Don’t be afraid to speak out loud to others the “pipe dreams” God’s stirring in your heart.
2. Don’t put a time frame on God due to how foolish it seems in the moment. Trust Him with your “one days”.
3. Ask friends the seemingly crazy (and maybe intimate) questions about what they have big crazy dreams regarding.
4. Don’t be afraid to pass along or share information that you feel led to share! You never know whose lives will be changed as a result.
5. God might ask you to do crazy things but keep you in a position of need so that others get to be a part of it too.




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