World Down syndrome Day 2018

In honor of #WorldDownSyndromeDay I wanted to share a few thoughts about sharing life thus far with two amazing people who are rocking their extra chromosome.

  1.  Abel and Isla are the heart and glue to our family togetherness. It’s really hard to explain honestly, but they just are. There is rarely a day that goes by that Dan and I don’t acknowledge how fortunate we feel that we get to be the parent of two kids with Down syndrome.
  2. They truly paint a beautiful picture of how God can love ALL of his children but draw especially near to those of His living life in the margins. How we realize our responsibility towards caring for them is different.  I love ALL my children with ALL my heart….but there is just something about how we love Abel and Isla that is different and I think the entire family would agree they feel the same way!
  3. When you live in such close proximity to someone who has a condition that represents the reason a high number of children are aborted… you live with a certain amount of angst, sorrow and rage inside of your heart (which can feel very weary and weighty). You find out that while education and exposure about DS is on the rise… still women are overwhelmingly choosing to terminate when receiving an in utero diagnosis. Even more so when it’s a condition like Spina Bifida. Dwarfism, or other Chromosomal Abnormalities whose differences aren’t as “cute” or in the national spotlight.
  4. That when OBGYN’s know about NDSAN (National Down Syndrome Adoption Network) lives are saved. Mothers feel like they have options and time to decide what is best for the child within them. Please mention them to your OBGYN!! It might be one of the most Pro-life things you’ll do this year. It very well could save lives and expand families in a most beautiful and life-giving way! *That’s what happened with Isla’s birth mom. She’s here because someone shared options and a different way that while extremely brave and hard helped her write a story that ended with her having a daughter and an “extended family” that she will cherish always.


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