Money, Money, Money.


Do your 2018 goals involve $$$$$$?

When you are pursuing your financial goals in 2018 and you are reading books, or going to conferences, developing your marketing mentality, or taking advice from Christian financial leaders, Be sure to ask yourself:

– Do they equate financial gain with God’s blessing?
– Is it assumed that God wants His people to be wealthy? Or that His blessing is NOT on those who are poor?
– Does this program assume the reader or attender has access to a certain level of education and been given ample employment opportunities?
– Do these spiritual nuggets of wisdom apply to the poor in other countries?
– Is the author/speaker always talking about making more and promotion and rarely mentions God’s will might include moving to a position or job making less?
– Does this advice apply to those living below the line of poverty? What about those with all sorts of criminal records?
– Do the principles ever address unjust systems (education, housing, law, prison, health, etc..) that financially benefit some but negatively impact minorities, disabled or the poor?
– Is there an assumption that as you make more money with their principles then the quality of your life will go up according to how much you make?
– Do they ever suggest you should set a maximum amount of income for your family/home?
– Do they ever talk about the issue with race and gender wage gaps or the inability for someone to live on minimum wage income?
– Do they equate God’s desire to bless you financially with the amount you give to your church?
– Do they place importance on being debt free over things like caring for those truly struggling financially, adoption of orphans and loving in big risky ways?
– Would they see wisdom in making decisions that aren’t financially wise but declare and support kingdom work in hard places?

Just a few thoughts and observations that I think are important to ask of common Christian financial systems as we pursue financial decisions that bring the Giver Glory and gives the weary world a reason to sit up and take notice of who our Provider is!

This is not to insult or put down any or all of the Christian Financial leadership personalities or approaches out there. It’s just to point out what I see as an imbalance in addressing these very money centric issues that impact those we are commanded to care about as well as the temptations in our own hearts as warned about in scripture.

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