7 Things you can do In between Christmas and New Years

The days between Christmas and New years can be delightfully restful but they can also be a week that feels like you don’t know what day it is, who you are or what you’re supposed to be doing!! This year was like that for me…. it was such a strange feeling week. BUT if you’re like Abel and me and tend to wander aimlessly about with your shirt up when you’re missing routine… ¬†ūüėČ

Here are SEVEN things you can do in this in between time after Christmas and before The New Year!!

  1. ¬†Start a photo folder/account at Walmart/Costco/Shutterfly/wherever… Go ahead a print a few from Christmas (I pack them in my holiday bins to be displayed next year) and upload all your photos this coming year to it…even if you don’t print them they will still¬†be safe on their server and ready to print!!¬†#printyourphotospeople
  2. Get a notebook and either follow along with Lara Casey ( @laracasey)  goals for cultivating with matters or if you want something you can do in an afternoon take a notebook and just write out 1. What DID work for you and your family/business in 2017 and 2. What did NOT work in 2017.  Those two things alone have been SO helpful in going into the next year better prepared!!
  3. Dump out your makeup bag. Wash that thing!! Take a makeup remover cloth/wipe and go over all your makeup. Sharpen the pencils. Wash your brushes. If it’s almost gone or you rarely ever wear it Toss it out and feel NO guilt buying a new one or getting more room in your bag. *you can do the same thing with your bathroom cabinet too. If you don’t love it…toss it.
  4. If you have a calendar you’re using this coming year go ahead and write things in December 2018 that you think of this month that you wish you had done or that you know you need a head start reminder for. Or to remind yourself of a tradition you started this year or one you want to start next year. Set yourself up for a better advent season next year!
  5. Pull up those recipes you found online and tried and loved this holiday season. Get some real recipe cards and write them out. This preserves them for next year and every recipe is better when it’s in a loved ones handwriting!! I tried my hand at making Gumbo for Christmas Day and ya’ll… I think it’s something that just takes a certain amount of magic that I don’t possess. Is there a secret to it?? So, I think I’ll skip that next year and try another recipe that might turn into our every year tradition.
  6. A lot of friends choose a word for the year… if you’re ANYTHING like me I can’t focus on one word for the whole year to save my life. I lose focus and grow bored. But I LOVE what my friend Lore does where she focuses on a concept each month. She keeps it really simple and doable but really intentional as well. Check it out. I will be doing this in 2018 cause this mama can’t parent 6 kids and keep up a big ol’ goal planner…. but I can handle a notecard with some intentionality scrawled all over it!
  7. I’m weird and even try to have a color(s) I focus on for that year… it helps to keep my wardrobe, jewelry, home decor, and stuff simplified and coordinated! ¬†You’d be surprised how when you have a color focus how much you don’t talk yourself into buying at the store! And the things that you do buy will generally go well with lots of your wardrobe and the decor of your home. These are my focus colors for this year.

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