worthy responses

I wonder if intentional ignorance or convenient silence will hold much weight or feel like very legitimate reasons when good godly people are held accountable for not speaking up and taking action about policies and leadership and systems and religious practices that hurt the marginalized, the poor and the oppressed.

From my understanding of scripture, it’s pretty clear that those are the people we are COMMANDED to think about and care for and to be a voice of hope within.

It’s not optional.

So I just wonder… will
“I did what was best for my kid”,
“I didn’t live near those schools, those neighborhoods, those communities.”,
“I was too busy being on staff at a church”,
“I thought it was just a liberal agenda”,
“I was too busy leading a bible study”,
“I just thought they were too biased/angry/liberal”,
“I thought helping was enabling”,
“I had too much on my plate”,
“I was afraid of getting hurt or taken advantage of”,
“those things didn’t affect me”,
“I didn’t feel called to deal with those issues”…..

I wonder, will those be worthy responses to “Why didn’t you say or do something when so much injustice and wrongdoings hurt, oppressed, and killed people made in My Image?”

Will our Savior respond with
“Why did you think you and your kids were better than they are?”
“Why did you fear them more than you feared Me?”
“Why were money and the ability to make money so important to you?”
“Why did you run towards comfort and acceptance?”
“Where in my word did I tell you to seek the house with the best resell value?”
“Why were you only friends with people who aren’t in need or hurting or oppressed?”
“Where in my word did I tell you to seek your own safety above what is right?”
“Did you not listen to the stories and examples I gave you?”
“What have I told you the church would be known for?”

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