The Right Side of History

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about heroes of the faith and crucial leaders in the history of evangelical denominations…. and it’s taught me a lot of incredible things, and I can’t wait to share more about it tomorrow.

BUT one thing it has taught me is that the church at large can be dead wrong or silent and apathetic on an issue regarding race and humanity and fully feel like they are doing God’s work. Looking back we say…. “How could they stand for that?” “How can they not see it’s a gospel issue?” “How did they just do what was easy for them at the cost of others lives?” without ever thinking that we probably would have not risked what those who stood against it risked. Let’s be honest, statistics show we probably wouldn’t have.

Standing on the side of systemic racism today won’t cost you hardly ANYTHING comparatively speaking to what it would have back then. If we are wrong about it existing, okay then people feel loved and seen and given the benefit of the doubt unnecessarily, we don’t get every privilege known to mankind, and gasp, maybe “democrats/liberals get their way” come what may.

But friends, if we are RIGHT and we raise our voices strong and unapologetically about racism in all it’s hidden and systemized forms…then the history books (and eternity for that matter) will show that the Church stood up and fought for a HUGE injustice against humanity!!

This is not something little…. or something only some people are called to speak up about… or something that is way better than it used to be so what’s the big deal…. THIS IS WAR on behalf of Image Bearers of the King!!


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