February { one day at a time }

February 2017:  This month flew by and was very full. We are still loving the incredible weather here in Saint Petersburg and love to grill out and have smores night on the cooler nights. We’ve been reading to the kids after dinner and this month we’ve been reading through The Biggest Story. It’s a beautiful telling of the story of the Gospel in short easy to read chapters.

February is also the month I attend The Linger Conference in TX. This was my fourth year going and I had felt a little last year that either the conference was changing or I was… and this year I knew it would be my last year going. Not because it was Bad or awful or anything but that it just wasn’t providing the focused worshipful time of filling up on God’s word for me that it used to. It started as a small intimate conference geared towards creatives and it’s become more of a big church conference with big names and a broader emphasis.  The best part about this year’s conference though was going with a friend and also my sister and sister-in-law was there too. So it was wonderful to spend time with them since I hadn’t seen them since moving here.  I got to do a quick last minute maternity shoot in Deep Ellum with my sister Jessica and her sweet growing family. And I also got to meet up with Jess Barfield and the Stand For Life team and brainstorm with them about ways God is working in the hearts of His people regarding the issue of LIFE!

Valentines Day totally crept up on me this year but my mother-in-law saved the day and made the kids huge sugar cookies to decorate and give to their friends.  I’m telling you… I was a pretty on top of it mom up to the point when I had 6 kids!! Now… I’m just getting a lot better at admitting I can’t do it all and need others in my life to help and to just be awesome!

Isla has started to pull up on things. And Evie had her hair cut by a girl in her class and we had to shave it down really short. She definitely cried about it but we talked a lot about inner beauty and forgiveness. She’s rocking her new do now.  The kids often have impromptu dance parties in the dining room windowless frame after dinner.

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