January {one day at a time}

This year I’m starting to do a end of the month post that features a photo a day for that month. I’m finding that I don’t have a lot of mental energy to do a lot of journaling with words these days. And I wanted to have something that challenged me to shoot everyday. So… I though I’d do a monthly {one day at a time} post because that’s how I’m striving to live this first year in our new city.

January 2017: This month we settled into a routine for the first time since moving to Florida. School started for the kids at their new school. That’s been good but also challenging because it’s very different from the school we left in Tx. Jack especially is struggling so pray for us as we try to figure out best how to parent him and to help him thrive! He’s an amazing kid. The oldest four kids actually took this move a lot harder than I expected them to, but we know that when God led Dan and I to move here… He is thinking about our children too and will work for their good as well. Dan is studying a ton with his last semester of classes for his PhD so that has meant a lot of time with me at home with my two little ones… thus the ton of photos of them (which for being #5 and #6 I guess is a good thing to have a ton of photos of their childhood!).  We celebrated my birthday (last year in my thirties!!) and my mother in love’s birthday, we went to Jensen Beach on the other side of Florida to visit Dan’s aunt and uncle and cousins, we started attending a church gathering called The Underground (which is based in Tampa but has a St. Pete group as well), it’s a missional community of micro churches who really align with so many of what Dan and I are most passionate about. I learned how to knit. I started walking daily and exploring our neighborhood.  Met up with some friends, Isla got to meet her buddy Miles who was born in Las Vegas about a week before she was… he’s a fellow heart warrior too, his mom and I and another friend of ours who has a daughter who was born the same week-ish have been great support for each other during our kids surgeries and milestones! Explored a few beaches, watched a few sunsets over the ocean and all in all LOVING Florida weather in January!  January is usually the month I dive into reflection of the past year and goal setting for this year… but if I’m honest friends, I just didn’t have the heart motivation to do so. I feel like so much has changed with us moving that it’s almost not worth comparing what happened last year with what I want to see happen in this year. It all feels new and fresh and healing.

January 2017 BLOG-001January 2017 BLOG-002January 2017 BLOG-003January 2017 BLOG-004January 2017 BLOG-005January 2017 BLOG-006January 2017 BLOG-007January 2017 BLOG-008January 2017 BLOG-009January 2017 BLOG-010January 2017 BLOG-011January 2017 BLOG-012January 2017 BLOG-013January 2017 BLOG-014January 2017 BLOG-015January 2017 BLOG-016January 2017 BLOG-017January 2017 BLOG-018January 2017 BLOG-019January 2017 BLOG-020January 2017 BLOG-021January 2017 BLOG-022January 2017 BLOG-023January 2017 BLOG-024January 2017 BLOG-025January 2017 BLOG-027January 2017 BLOG-028January 2017 BLOG-029January 2017 BLOG-030January 2017 BLOG-031

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