Embrace the Anger

I think many of us are finding ourselves asking… “Okay…I’m waking up to the injustices around me and I’m mad!!! Now what? What do I DO? What is the solution to this madness?” We are wanting to have an outlet for this frustration and anger and angst growing inside of us. It’s so uncomfortable and it’s effecting our day to day life and draining us of our energy!

First, I think it’s so important to recognize that this is how many of the marginalized have felt for decades upon decades with few hearing their cries and fewer believing they even had reason for crying. Second, I think sometimes it’s good for us to learn how to be angry for righteousness sake and know that even if nothing changes anytime soon we must find a way to love deeply and trust Jesus while still carrying continually that oh so weighty burden of hatred towards injustices in our midst. You might not think you are strong enough to keep on going this way but friend…through Christ you ARE!

This isn’t saying something shouldn’t be done about all this….I believe a movement is coming, I believe a rising up is coming, I believe the church is about to separate herself from what we THINK is the church here in America.

But I also know the great tendency we/I have to want to get rid of this heaviness and to move on with our lives when the problem feels bigger than we can wrap our minds around. To not want our families to be the fearful and prejudiced ones, to not want our church to be the one missing the point of the gospel, to not let this pain and sorrow drag us down to where nothing looks the same anymore.

But oh Christian….don’t fight against the pain,sorrow and anger. Embrace it. Sit in it. Let it start to convict you in ways you never thought you were blind before. Take it on for the long haul.

It’s out of that….that conviction and bravery is solidified. It’s out of that…..that fear of man and quest for greatness is let go of.
It’s out of that…..that He starts to mold you into a disciple who will give her life that the whole world will know His love, experience His power to save, and taste His upside down Kingdom!

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