Champion Life

What if I started talking about things like….
-Paid maternity leave
-extension of medicaid for poor
-healthcare and birth control coverage for the poor
-Workforce initiatives that allow women to work and care for children
-equal housing protections
-equal pay for women doing equal work (currently 75 cents on the dollar)
– education funding
– having federally mandated IDEA in schools
– systemic racism in housing, education, government, law enforcement, courts, business, etc…,
– drug laws and penalties
– prostitution and sex trafficking,
– sexual harassment and abuse
– rape
– civil rights for marginalized people groups. 

You might think I’m talking about the Women’s March last week because that what they seem to have in common. You might think liberal agenda. You might think stuff women are whining about that don’t matter near as much as other pressing issues.

But I believe what they have in common is that they ALL impact abortion rates in this country!!!

These shouldn’t be matters of one political party or another. These should be issues believers, ESPECIALLY those who are Pro-life, should be educated about and involved in. To be all about eradicating abortion and dismiss the rest of these concerns can come across as very hollow, hypocritical and unloving to the world and will often land on deaf ears.

It takes time and energy and a lot of wading through the muck and mire surrounding the pain and injustices these issues represent. But the result is being someone who champions LIFE in a way that is holistic and brings about the most change that is so desperately needed!!  #standforlife #walkforlife#marchforlife #fightforlife #butdosomething

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