Cutest Pokemons Ever!

Right up until a week or so before Halloween we were all in agreement on what we were going to dress up as… Harry Potter Characters!! THEN THEN my children discovered this world of Pokemon. All it took was one pokemon card given to one of my kids by some well meaning friend at school. That’s all it took. They were obsessed. DID you know there are like 1000 pokemon characters??? So of course that’s what they then wanted to be for Halloween. Since I hadn’t pulled together any black robes or striped ties or dobby ears yet… I ordered some face paint (TAG face paint is AWESOME!!),  hit the thrift stores around here and we ran with it! A few of these came together mere hours before we walked out the door to trick or treat.

Don’t ask me to Remember the names of these cute pokemons after tonight, it’s a language all of its own, but we pulled it off and the kids love how they look so I’m happy.

#diancie #squırtle #charmander #frogie #piplup  #pikachu


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