What can WE do?? Don’t let the facts paralyze you.


Now what? You ask. What can we do to help be the Change that is needed? You ask.

Well, once you understand the facts and let it change your perspective and step into another persons plight…. Then, friend everything you DO will be part of the solution. Because what you do will be intentional with the framework of bringing justice and freedom to all.

It SHOULD Impact….

The people you interact with, the moments you speak up instead of let ignorance or prejudice rule.
The church you choose to be a part of.
What programs in that church you are a part of.
Where you work, who works with you, who works for you.
What street you live on. *when buying a house does anyone ask where they can buy in order to Better the neighborhood? even at the expense of your resell value to help the houses next to yours gain value?
Where you send your kids to school, how involved you get in your local schools, *how much weight is the score of the school vs. your impact on it or the reality within it?
What you teach your kids, what you talk about with your kids.
How you respond to inconvenience and to cultural things that are uncomfortable to you.
Having good but hard discussions with the law officers you know.
Using our access to access higher authority when someone we know has been abused or falsely accused. Demand attention.
What you post on social media. It may cost you followers, but it may gain you some friends you never knew you needed too.
Where you grocery shop. How you treat people there.
Who you invite over to dinner, what you talk about over dinner when your older relatives are over.
How you spend your money. How you give away your money.
Who you vote for, * local judges seem insignificant but are actually HUGE steps in Big changes!! know who they are!!
How involved you get in politics.
What you watch on tv and what movies you choose * so many movies are out there that are so powerful!
Looking into getting involved in foster care, being a respite family, a safe family, casa.
Adopt, and put ‘open to any race’ on your application… or better yet, find out what is most needed and commit to that ethnicity.
Volunteering in after school programs, hospitals, homeless shelters, food banks, and pregnancy centers.

It will mean talking to anyone and everyone you encounter in the course of your day to day life and having a deep commitment to justice for all even at the expense of your own comfort, “success”, peace, feeling of safety, security, convenience, and maybe even the expense of some relationships.

You asked!  

you make me brave

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