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Praying this week for ALL you Believers out there who are having to have awkward conversations with your very Republican parents, family, friends, co-workers when the National Convention gets brought up and you want to have a good conversation with depth, because maybe for the first time issues matter to you more than they have in the past.

So you start talking and all of the sudden you don’t sound very Republican to them any more…. in fact all this talk about black lives mattering, religious freedom for muslims, embracing refugees, being against reparative therapy for gays, caring about transgender people, not joining in on the Obama bashing, pro-life meaning more to you than just being pro-birth, if you’re honest gun laws probably do need revisiting, and even… gasp, maybe we should care about the environment long term. 

You can see it on their faces… you know the look, they don’t say it… but they are thinking it. You’ve turned liberal. You’re probably a democrat. You might not even be a Christian anymore, for all they know the church you go to is probably one of those wacko ones. What is happening to their daughter, friend, co-worker????

You start to feel like you wish you could gather up the words you just spoke and leave the table or get off the phone.

Don’t. Let me encourage you to pray for humble boldness and a genuine heart that is willing to have the conversations even when others think you’ve jumped the tracks.

Honor those who have different opinions than you but don’t fear their opinion either. I know this is really difficult when it comes to parents, because they can see disagreement as disrespect sometimes, but press through and trust that God is able to work in their hearts as well. It may not be that they ever fully agree with you. But over time they hopefully will see that your life is lived out with a coming Kingdom in mind. That those ‘controversial, wacko, liberal’ sounding views ARE really about trying to usher in heaven here on earth… not the opposite.

Jesus was willing to be misunderstood in so many things He said and did in his ministry. It’s not enjoyable or easy but so can we.

So, for those of you out there who feel really out of place on both sides of the political arena when talking about economy and social matters and you choose to speak up for what you feel are Kingdom economics and that all people are Image bearers…. Know you’re not alone.
Know that the Spirit dwells within you, and He will guide, comfort, convict, embolden, and humble you. It takes all of those to walk in such a manner that others don’t see in us a polictial party or label but they see a person who wants to see God’s glory made much of here on this earth, not just this nation, for all eternity, not just our lifetime.


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