Things I learned in April

Every now and then I join up with Emily Freeman and we talk about what we learned the previous month. It’s been so helpful for me because it’s made me develop a habit for noticing and being aware of the things that happen or that are new and make me think.

April is my very favorite month in Texas!!!! I actually really REALLY like Texas during the Spring. ( I tend to tolerate this state the other months of the year.) It’s the month I feel most alive. It’s the month I keep the door open and drive with the windows down. It’s the month of Bluebonnets!!! It’s the month Abel was born.  I just love it.

Judy for Nanny PRINT Bluebonnet-010Judy for Nanny PRINT Bluebonnet-011

I LOVE Cabbage.  Roasted (I drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with cajun seasoning!! SO good!) , in soups, or Slaw, in a box, with a fox… it’s definitely become one of my favorite veggies. And I totally prefer Cabbage/slaw on my taco over lettuce. And yes, I just learned that in April.


My oven is on a tilt…. actually I think my whole house is. I didn’t know that until I baked a sheet cake for small group the other week. The cake was very thick on one side and thin on the other… but all of it was delicious!! I made the  Pioneer Woman’s Texas Sheet Cake.  and it was Divine!!!

What’s worse than doing Laundry:  Doing it with Unscented Laundry detergent. In an effort to try to minimize chemicals in our home I have been using unscented soap. And I have discovered that it zaps what little joy there is to be had in doing laundry right out!! I want to be mindful of how many household chemicals we use but this is just one area I can’t sacrifice in.  What’s your favorite laundry soap?

Stack of bath towels with lavender flowers on light wooden background closeup

The BEST Lice remedy: Zoe got lice back in March and I used Rid shampoo but it didn’t seem to get rid of the problem completely. (and with lice… you want COMPLETELY!!)  Besides the fact that getting rid of nits in her curly afro hair was such a pain, I wanted to use something on her that I knew wouldn’t hurt her hair and would help me with the nit issue.  Thus researcher Casey kicked in… ya’ll, me in research mode is cray cray. But this time I found what I was looking for. A magical formula that would be a one step fix all for her itchy head! Helps with killing lice, itchiness, loosening the nits, and taking care of the hair.

You will need:

a bottle of coal tar oil shampoo (I use Neutrogena T-gel Shampoo, Selson Blue I think would work too) and a bottle of cheap conditioner,

A bottle of Tea Tree Oil and a bottle of Eucalyptus oil. (I had both of these already) and white Vinegar.

Now, I whipped this up in my Blender. (you just want to wash it well afterwards but it worked like a charm for me)

I used 1/4 bottle of shampoo, 1/2 bottle of conditioner, 3/4 cup of vinegar, 25 drops each of both essential oils. Blend.

When you use it just dampen the hair with water,  dump it on… It made a lot so I just used as much as I could on her. Leave it on hair for 5-10 minutes, then rinse it out really well. Dry the hair with a towel, brush/comb then use a nit comb.   * With Zoe’s super curly fro I combed through with a big comb… then blew dry it straight, sectioned it off and flat ironed it small section at a time THEN went through it with a nit comb.  Flat Ironing it also works to kill any nits that are on the hair.   Then I let her wear a pony tail for a few days.  So far…. so good.


Shower Cleaner Tip: One of the household chores I hate the most is cleaning the shower/bath tile walls. Not only is it a lot of work, I feel like I’m inhaling a billion strong chemicals.  Well, I read a tip a while back that said to wash your shower with dish soap and a washcloth!  So I did and the dish soap cut right through everything that gets on the shower walls and it smelled good and not like I’m breathing in a cloud of fumes… and those walls sparkled like a newly washed wine glass when I was done.  So… that’s my go to method from now on. Your welcome!

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FRESH AIR is my favorite NPR show: I love NPR…. I wish, I wish, I wish Christian radio was more like NPR. I feel like Christian Radio these days is like going back and drinking a frappuccino after you’ve developed a taste for good strong black coffee. (I also learned how to spell frappuccino just now… never would have guessed the u in there.) I really enjoyed THIS episode of Fresh Air on the 30th of last month as they interviewed Tom Hanks.

Bridal/Baby Shower Trend: Speaking of showers….  I found out this month about a new (to me) trend that’s being included on invites.  It says to Not wrap your gifts when you bring them.  And, I think I have mixed feelings about it.  Pros: Saves time and money, Lets people spend more time on visiting with each other instead of opening gifts. Great for brides/expectant moms who are more introverted and don’t like being the center of attention. Cons: gift wrapping can be so much fun and pretty, opening gifts allows giver to see the joy on the guest of honors face and words. It’s a way to focus on the reason we are there to celebrate.  What do you think about it?



Reading:  My friend Abbey Smith’s Blog. I LOVED this post on Beyonce’s new album. My favorite paragraph was:

Why don’t the Christians write songs about their bad marriages? Their fear? Their anger with the government? He says that his suspicion of Christians stems from this unwillingness to be emotionally real. And I whisper “Amen” as I think of the angsty songs I listened to sitting in that dark cemetery. Secular songs because there was no Christian music that mirrored back at me my grief and confusion and pain, no Christian soundtrack to make me feel seen and known and safe in my process from heartbroken to healed.

Watching: We watched an episode of United Shades of America the other day where the guy went and visited with the KKK. It was sobering and I think my mouth hung open most of the time I was watching it.

Listening: Well, I listen to my Hope for a Weary Heart Playlist on Spotify pretty much everyday… but when My Story by Big Daddy Weave comes on… mmmm-mmmm I love the words to that song!!

Enjoying: Two Soft Boiled Eggs sprinkled with pink salt on Trader Joe’s Soft Wheat Bread every morning for breakfast!

Wishing for:  A stand up desk…. or THIS would do. 🙂

Abel third Birthday Blog Post-009

Can you believe this kid is THREE Now?? OH my goodness. He’s so awesome!

Here’s posts of the things I’ve learned in the past!



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