What I learned in February

learned in february

  1. Dexflex comfort ballet flats are my go to all time favorite shoes. I mean, like wear right out of the box shoes! I wear them out and then just go to Payless Shoe Source and buy a new pair. I even tried to find higher end ballet flats…. but none could compare with the comfort of these! Right now they have cute gold pairs too… perfect for spring!
  2. Dr. Suess Day at school (which is usually on his birthday March 3rd) is doable when you have four kids in elementary school. Dr. Suess WEEK however…. is stressful and makes me feel like I need to hold a fundraiser or ask for sponsors or something. You should have seen the look on my face when Jack’s teacher said… “Hey, Monday is Wocket in my Pocket Day… so lots of Pockets!!!”  What the heck???  I think I muttered something like… “okay, because pockets all over outfits are so easy to come by”
  3. I’m pretty positive that Dairy gives me sinus infections. As much as I like drinking lattes or Brahms hot fudge sundaes whenever lately I’ve had several dairy things close together… bam! sinus infection!
  4. That being said my new drink of choice at the ‘bucks…is  a Iced Tall Decaf Americano with a splash of soy! (I know, soy is not ideal… but it’s the lesser of several evils. I may eventually do almond milk, but… for some reason it doesn’t carry the flavor as well as soy)
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