update on Isla Rose: 11 days old


Update on our sweet Isla Rose:

Heart: We JUST got the word that they are NOT going to do a heart cath on her!! The cardiologist team have done multiple heart echoes and it keeps looking better and her heart is performing great! She still has the holes that will need surgery to be fixed here in TX probably when she’s a few month older. But GET THIS….. the Dr.’s are actually reconsidering her diagnosis of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome!! Meaning they think she might NOT even have HLHS!! Her heart is forming an apex and growing! This mama believes with all my heart that THIS is a result of your prayers on her behalf!!

Brain: She had a Brain scan and she has a partial Corpus Callosum… which they had thought she didn’t have one at all (that’s the part that connects the two sides of the brain)

Tummy: They are waiting for her stomach to finish draining and once that happens as well as proof that her intestines work (Pray for Poop!) Then they will start her on Pedialyte and then on to formula! They are telling us that it will take another 2 weeks for her to be ready to start learning how to eat by mouth…. it might. But she might be ready sooner!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

-Pray for Isla’s recovery and healing. Pray that Isla can come to Texas soon! But that while we are here pray that we would be a light for Christ to the nurses and doctors at Sunrise medical center in Children’s Hospital.

-Pray for provision. This extended stay in Vegas isn’t a surprise to God. If you’d like to help in this area… let me know!!

* * Ya’ll…yes, you who are in neck deep to what you know God’s asking you to do. When you’re stepping out on faith, the enemy doesn’t like it. SO washer and dryers will break, Cars will die, Kids will get sick, You will feel like an inconvenience to others, Your family will think you’re crazy… yes, even the good Christian people in your life will wonder if you have lost your mind or at the very least are being wise. BUT HE’s GOT THIS!!! Don’t sweat a car part when He’s led you THIS far and His faithfulness has proven unwavering at each and every turn. Just trust and obey!! (okay, I’ll stop preaching now) 

-Pray for us as we are a family split up between NV & TX. The kids and I are doing great but we miss Daddy and can’t bear to think about not seeing him for another two weeks! Dan feels the same… but he’s advocating and loving on our little girl and knocking out school and work while he’s there! (isn’t God good that as scary as starting a new ministry is that Dan would be able to be there during this time and work from wherever he is!)

* * Even though we may have many prayer requests we are overjoyed at this new blessing in our life and we welcome the difficulty that comes with celebrating her life and choosing to say yes to her! There has not been one moment where we regret or look back and wonder if we heard wrong or made the wrong choice. She is ours and we know God has great purposes for her in our family and in our church and in our city!  Thank you for loving her so much already!!

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