Happy Birthday Boys!

I was in Las Vegas when these two had their birthdays two weeks ago. I hated to miss it but Dan’s parents did an epic job of celebrating them! They went to the lake…twice! And had cookie cake (a chappell tradition that my kids love).

Jack is 6! Something about him turning 6 still amazes me. He is growing up, he’s getting past the full throttle dare devil defy both authority and gravity stage. He’s thinking more, taking on responsibility, and glimpses of the man he will become are starting to appear. He listens and retains better than any of my children yet you wouldn’t think he’s paying a lick of attention… but he is. He says the funniest things using vocabulary Dan and I use and sometimes we are proud and sometimes we are reminded that we have little ones we are constantly making impressions on even when we aren’t aware of it. 

Ezra is 5! He looks like he’s 7 because he’s HUGE and growing like a weed. He can eat 3-4 hotdogs at a time and is always going back for seconds. He still says “I wuv you mama” which reminds me that he’s still little. He is so much like Zoe but introverted, he loves to learn and follows instructions beautifully. He likes to draw, transformers, watch movies, and play with Abel. He is discovering his strength and it’s hard not to laugh when the gentle giant has had enough and overpowers his siblings with ease.

As much as they exhaust me and make me wonder if I’ll ever own anything glass or nice again, they amaze me and keep me humble and pressing into raising men who are defined by Christ and His attributes!

Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-001

Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-002

Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-009Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-008Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-007Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-006Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-005Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-004Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-003
Jack and Ezra Birthday Post-010

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