Happy 161 Birthday Mary See

I remember when growing up that my mom always loved Sees candy. We’d get it sometimes in airports and Dan always brings some home when he goes to L.A.  I think because it’s been around for such a long time Sees Candy has become a tradition in many families. And if you know me… I love traditions. So this year Sees Candy asked me if we wanted to help celebrate the birthday of their beloved Mary See whose recipes they still use today and has made their candies quality and taste last throughout the years.  So we had a little birthday party today and what a fun thing to randomly celebrate…. I think we might just make it a yearly thing. I mean, when it’s a reason to have chocolate, why not!


Sees Birthday BLOG-001Sees Birthday BLOG-002Sees Birthday BLOG-003Sees Birthday BLOG-004Sees Birthday BLOG-005Sees Birthday BLOG-006Sees Birthday BLOG-007Sees Birthday BLOG-008Sees Birthday BLOG-009Sees Birthday BLOG-010Sees Birthday BLOG-011Sees Birthday BLOG-012

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