Drawing for the Best of Belonging Basket!! * CLOSED*

I could go on and on about the overwhelming gratitude of my heart for you guys… but I’ll just let the video do the talking! Thank you!



We now have Isla’s (pronouced “eye-lah”) agency adoption fees covered! There may be additional fees, but the big fees are PAID! We also are retaining two lawyers… TX & NV, and we have part of their fees covered as well.  This is such an answer to prayer. Two months ago we couldn’t say this…not to mention the fact that we have started a new ministry full time and that has greatly reduced our living income, but we have not lacked for anything! His timing is perfect even when it looks to be crazy!

We will probably have some expenses for traveling/lodging depending on how long we will need to be in Las Vegas. That will depend on the length of Isla’s stay in the NICU and then the 5-10 day ICPC process once she’s out of the hospital.  I sometimes get anxious about being gone from my babies… but we were planning on a 6 week stay in the congo with Evie and Ezra and it ended up being only 3 incredible weeks. And our kids were fine here at home and getting a new baby sister will be worth every moment of it!!

I was planning on doing a third best of basket but as much as I enjoy doing them, these things take a lot of time and effort and I can feel myself needing to go into a time of nesting and preparing as well as time spent with my little ones as we prepare to be gone and to bring another one into the nest. So I’m going to end with this one….and trust God to provide all our needs according to His riches in Glory!!

But this has been so much fun and THANK YOU just doesn’t cover how much I’m grateful for each one of you!

best of belonging basket BLOG-017

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