Best of Belonging Basket *CLOSED

Ya’ll ready for Best of Basket #2!!!   Here it is! For this one I wanted to celebrate my favorite aspects of Home and Belonging in this basket.  So if you love photography, documenting, reading, journaling, and prints both inspirational and documentary then you’ll love this collection of goodies! It’s valued at over $600…. but it’s more than things, it’s about what they celebrate!

As promised here is a glimpse of what your gifts towards Basket #1 accomplished!

Twila’s Homescoming!

And here’s the latest photo we received of baby girl…. Isn’t she so cute and chubby!!!  This is from her latest ultrasound a few weeks ago. She’s doing great in that she is alive and growing! She does have some areas of concern. The main things they found were that the corpus callosum towards the back of her brain is not developing as normal.  They also found an issue with her stomach and duodenum having under developed parts. Both of these things aren’t unheard of when having a down syndrome diagnosis. They are serious but probably not life threatening. So My prayer is that God will heal her brain and stomach completely!!! Will you join me in praying that prayer? He can do that. But I also know that often God uses things like this and time spent in the hospital as opportunities to get to know people and show them Christ’s love and sufficiency in times of suffering.



her name will be….

best of belonging basket BLOG-001


Yes, Isla Olivia Rose Chappell.  Isla (pronounced eye-lah) in honor of her being a quarter Filipino (over 7,000 islands make up the Philippines), Olivia because that’s the name her birthmom has given her and we always try to honor our childrens birth parents in special ways, Rose because I think she will be a sweet fragrance of love to all who know her.

Every penny given towards this basket will go towards her adoption!  We will have two lawyers (one in Texas and one in Nevada) and the agency has a pre-placement and post-placement fee as well. All together with travel and stay there we are looking at hopefully staying under 10K for the whole adoption. That’s about how much Abel’s adoption cost. We know the money will be there… God has ALWAYS provided through the people He’s wanted to use mightily in our lives! I do love it when in the process we can do something creative and something that blesses others and celebrates life. Thus the idea of the Best of Basket was born.

Want to be a part of bringing her home to us? All you have to do to is enter your name into a drawing for this basket when you make a donation of $5 towards the Chappell Family. For every $5 we will put your name on the list…. so,  $10 we will put your name on twice… $25 five times… and so forth.  ON the 24th I will do a videotaped recording of the random choosing of one of the entries and will announce it on the blog and contact you through email or facebook.  I will then pack up all the goodies and send it your way to enjoy!!!

You can also get extra entries by sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter after you’ve donated. Just comment on this post and let me know where you shared so I can count them!! (otherwise I won’t know you shared!!)

Without further adieu….. Welcome Home!


best of belonging basket BLOG-003

All of this stuff is awesome, but I have to start with my VERY Favorite thing in this basket. It’s the Two Sues Kelly Moore Bag in Walnut. Ya’ll, it’s THE BEST CAMERA BAG IN THE WORLD!! It’s firm but slouchy, it’s designed for gear but holds anything! I know, because I’ve tried ALL the main brands in a search for the best one. I’m super hard on my gear and I take my camera everywhere. I’ve had so many bags fall apart on me… but not this one! You NEED this camera bag! Honestly, it’s held up better than any diaper bag I’ve had as well. A new one in honor of Isla will probably be on my Christmas list this year.  For a great complete review of this exact bag check out THIS Blog post. It’s pricey at $200… but it’s so worth it and then some.

best of belonging basket BLOG-004

best of belonging basket BLOG-005

And While I wish I could include a fabulous DSLR camera in here… I can’t, BUT… I can include my next favorite camera. It’s an Instax Mini 90.  And this one is super classy! It can fit in your purse/camera bag with your other camera or be on display on a shelf at home ready for a quick fun pic of when company comes over. My friend Lara Casey has a tradition of taking photos when company comes over and puts the images on the fridge with wash tape. What a great way to celebrate others and to celebrate home and family! I’m including film for 40 photos as well!

best of belonging basket BLOG-006

The Kids LOVED smiling and then instantly being able to shake their photo and watch it appear and then be so proud of themselves when they see their photos hanging on the wall this way.

best of belonging basket BLOG-007

I think it was a few years ago that I took the INSPIRED HOME photography course by Kristin Rogers and it was wonderful. I think someone starting out in shooting and those wanting to shoot more at home in a way that captures the everyday moments will definitely benefit from this self paced course! It was very creative and encouraging and I think you will benefit from it. So I’m including it so you can have an INSPIRED HOME! Warning: Her photos WILL make you want to pack up and move to California!

moon design studio co. presents

best of belonging basket BLOG-008

With 5 kids…. I don’t have time to read. BUT for these books I MADE the time to read them. My heart needed them. My life needed them.

With the Nesting Place I finally embraced being a renter and stopped saying “I’ll do this to my home when we buy someday”. It was full of practical yet profound advice on making home feel and be home.

For the Love made me laugh so hard. It’s like sitting and having a conversation with Jen Hatmaker. You need this one… for so many reason! She challenges and she does it in a way that makes you say inwardly “Yes!!”

Speaking of Yes… The Best Yes was super impactful. I devoured this book. It really met me where I am in this season of life… but really I think would do that no matter the season. It gave me freedom and boundaries and the wisdom to choose what’s best in our life and for our family.

Bread and Wine is a book that’s centered around The Lord Supper and has so much to do with hospitality and being around the table. It has stories, recipes and so much more.

best of belonging basket BLOG-009

I think I am drawn to books with Pretty Handwritten titles… ya think.

speaking of pretty handwriting…..  Aren’t these prints beautiful! My friend Holly Everett who is a brilliant hand letterer made these for you. They are printed on thick sturdy paper and are letterpressed into it. Please check out her work… She is also in the process of adoption and the proceeds from her artwork goes towards bringing baby Everette home! I love her Instagram feed!!   She’s one of those online friends turned real life friends for me. I treasure her so.

best of belonging basket BLOG-010

I couldn’t do a collection about celebrating the little moments at home without including some Project life! It’s my favorite way of preserving images once they are printed. PRINT YOUR PHOTOS FRIENDS!! (I usually print them at Costco… but also love Persnickity Prints Lab as well. I print them and they go in simple but cute as a button photo boxes that are super inexpensive, don’t let what you do with them afterwards keep you from printing them!)

Project life is basically putting photos in pockets. It’s easy peasy and super cute as well! I’m including a gorgeous gold 12×12 album and a Project life core kit that is ADORABLE!! Friends, that and your photos is all you need to create an awesome photo album…. and it can be put together in a matter of hours. (with none, NADA of those sticky little tabs or scraps of paper or glue sticks!)

best of belonging basket BLOG-011

This is the adventure edition core kit. It’s all you need for journaling and making those pages beautiful! This one is probably the sweetest and favorite core kit I’ve seen yet.

best of belonging basket BLOG-012

It’s sticking photos in pockets…. ya’ll.  simple & sweet.

best of belonging basket BLOG-014

One of the things that is needed for great journaling, lettering, writing… is pens. And Le’Pen pens are the best! They are similar to Sharpie pens but thinner and definitely smoother to write with. They come in countless colors and are so nice and sleek and take up barely any space in your journaling, scrapbooking place or your purse.

best of belonging basket BLOG-015

I kind of have an obsession with washi tape. I use it for everything and it never ceases to make me happy when I do. It hangs prints, calendars, photos…. seals letters, gifts, it’s great for adding a pop of color or print wherever you need one.  Not all washi tapes are equal. I hate getting a roll only to find that it rips and tears and doesn’t hold worth anything. But Love My Tape Washi Tapes are GREAT! So you’re getting 9 awesome rolls of happy!

best of belonging basket BLOG-016


Having 5 kids requires lots of organization so calendars are part of my love language! And for years my favorite calendars have come from The Paper Source. I swoon over all their stuff…. but especially their wall calendars! My favorite one is THIS 17 month 2015-2016 chalk art one. So… it’s included!

best of belonging basket BLOG-013


And just like last time… I want to include a giveaway for a friend of whose name is drawn. She has to be an adoptive/foster mom…. and I think she will be over the moon excited about this. It’s a gift certificate for a softcover album from Artifact Uprising. I LOVE this album company. LOVE it! The prints are super rich and beautiful. And it’s affordable.

There you have it…. The Best of Belonging Collection!! Over $600 worth!!!!  I love it… I think you will too.  It’s all about celebrating the things God has given you in your life to treasure. Things money can’t buy. Those are the best things… things worth celebrating!

best of belonging basket BLOG-003

best of belonging basket BLOG-017

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