Probably my most favorite article of the year!

I wanted to post about this article because I wanted to stand up and jump up and down and say YES!!! THIS!!!! as I was reading the whole thing…. Here are a few excerpts of my favorite parts… but really it all was my favorite so go read it HERE. 

The end of mass abortion to the Christian can only mean the commitment to either serious mother-mentorship or mass adoption.

And this isn’t going to be volunteering at the pregnancy crisis center every, you know, 6 months. This is going to be 31,000 new babies in my state alone that either need a new home or a mother who has been mentored and supported to keep her baby post-birth. This will require changing the life of everyChristian family in every church. This will mean a lot more mouths to feed and mothers to mentor, and a lot less time for excuses on how busy we are.

This personally challenges me when I look around at my life, at my house even. We have an extra bedroom. It was originally intended for guests to have their own separate room and bathroom. But guess what? If the end of abortion ever comes, then I’d better be ready to have that room permanently filled with a mom in crisis or an adopted child. Sorry guests, you may have to—gasp!—travel a few extra feet to the bathroom next time or maybe even—how insane!—stay in a hotel for the weekend.

See, this abortion thing is more than just opening up a sign at a protest. It’s opening up your home, your whole life.

Are we willing to do that?

The goal of a pro-lifer is to give a chance to an unborn baby to be welcomed in the world. The goal of a Christian is for an unborn baby is to be welcomed in a home. The mission of a pro-lifer is to lobby until the system changes for unborn babies. The mission of a Christian is to, sure, try to do the same, but furthermore, astound the society by using its own resources to take in those children regardless if the system changes or not.

The cry of a pro-lifer is “don’t kill them.”

The cry of a Christian is “we want them.”

Thank you Ashley for penning these challenging and beautiful words! May many hearts be impacted by them.

stand for life

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