love, a well traveled wealthy 37 year old

Dear 17 year old, Mentor elementary age kids and become best friends with middle schoolers. They will become fellow moms and dads and the age difference won’t matter a bit. In fact you might be learning a lot from them in 20 years.

Dear 21 Year old, Spend your summers in far away lands. Sign up for every mission trip you can. Do Radical things and see things that make you be in Awe of the Creator on a regular basis. Oh… and print real photos of your travels. Your kids will¬†want you to tell them all about your adventures.

Dear 27 year old,
Be way more concerned and passionate about putting your investment of time, energy and money into other people vs. a bank account. You might be shocked to see that when you’re making even less in 10 years as a mom or dad with a job thats family friendly vs. the working all the time person you were back then… you’ll be richer somehow and wish you had slowed down and spent more time and less money back then. p.s. when you are making money, buy furniture that will LAST!

Love, A well traveled wealthy 37 year old!

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