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Someone was telling us today (as a form of encouragement I guess?) that it would be very difficult for us when we are in our 60’s and Abel passes away in his 20’s. (yes… I was making the same face you are.)

And that’s not the first time a person has made mention to his supposed short life span.

So I want to not get frustrated (it’s so hard not to) but instead educate with truth.

Did you know that in 1910 that very few babies who were born with Down syndrome lived past the age of 10? But today they live pretty average lifespans…definitely long past the age of 20. That’s because a lot of times heart defects can accompany Down syndrome… it’s not the down syndrome, it’s just something that can happen in a higher occasion than those without DS. In 1910 they didn’t have near the knowledge and medical treatment and equipment for heart defect repairs that they do now. We are so grateful for the gifts of medical treatment and trained surgeons!!

They also were often institutionalized and well, we’d probably not want to live long that way either.

What people rarely talk about is how freaking lucky any living person with Down syndrome is because he or she is in the 3-5% of babies who were not aborted after a T21 diagnosis.

I think that women won’t stop looking to termination as an option until we stop treating those living with Down syndrome or Spina Bifida or any other person who isn’t “typical” as a burden or a medical problem or as someone who will die early (not that that the length of life has anything to do with the value of that life) and/or cause us a great amount of suffering.

Let’s get out of the early 1900’s….. and embrace the opportunities and gifts of today!

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