Stories change stories… and this is ours

This is a post highlighting my husbands story and how his story became intimately linked with mine. He’s written several blog posts about his testimony and how we are preparing to begin a network that will come along side of churches to counsel and care for those struggling with or loving family members who deal with Same sex attraction (SSA) and Same sex orientation (SSO).

It was our first date. I was smitten by this man’s zeal for Jesus and his dashing good looks. He wanted to be honest with me and told me what he’s telling you now. He shared how just a few months earlier his identity was in his homosexuality. I surely thought that would be our first and last date. I’m so glad God had other plans!

Read PART ONE of My husband’s story HERE.

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After almost two weeks of being without their daddy due to his summer phD class in Wash DC we are More than ready to pick him up tomorrow from the airport. When he gets home we will rest for a few days and then will hit the ground running, we have a non-profit ministry called The Identify Network to get up and going. So far it’s been similar to an adoption process…overwhelming and easy to feel unprepared and unqualified by the many details but when you take it baby step at a time it’s doable and Gods been so faithful to show us in many ways that this is what He’s placed in our heart for such a time as this. We want the church to be known by their love and the authenticity of their lives. We want those who are struggling with their sexual identity and those who are choosing identities not based in Christ to be heard, and loved and to be known…and not with an asterisks by their name. I know personally what it feels like to have my faith questioned, assumed the worst of and accused of leading others astray by my life choices by people who would rather throw stones instead of talk or come closer to see and hear and know. I don’t ever want to be that or to make someone else feel like my love is conditional or that my sin problem is somehow better or less than someone else’s. May I always be like a beggar telling other beggars where to find bread! My faith is in the only One who can change the human heart and change our desires and change the way we love others! 


It’s easy to get overwhelmed in moments like these when friends and family and co-workers have widely differing beliefs and opinions on things. It’s easy to put those who disagree into a category that’s more distant than before you knew of their stance. But I understand that most of the time people don’t come to their convictions lightly. I know that sometimes we wish that we could believe something different or approach scripture with a different hermeneutic…. but our convictions stay…our hermeneutic is consistent…and our gospel driven love doesn’t change the way we feel about people. Living this way is challenging but worth it because our faith is rooted, loving people isn’t optional and our hope is finding our Identity in Christ alone.

I have long wished for the time where we could tell our love story in it’s fullest most God glorifying way! It’s here!!! In the second post of my husbands story he tells of how we met and the beauty and struggle that came with dating and marriage and how we are resting in His power and sanctification to carry us through all that is to come.

Check out PART TWO of our story… how we met and married and the abundant struggles but more abundant grace that we have come to live in! 

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