wild bucking hearts

To the mamas with rowdy boys who act before they think and who bounce off the walls and see EVERYTHING as something to either deconstruct, sword fight, climb, touch, throw, dig, or lick.

Keep on keeping on for the day will come when you will be so glad you endured and didn’t give up pressing into him.


I’m so glad to have spent the past 5 years studying how this guy learns and training his heart towards obedience and his mind towards attentiveness. And I know I have a lot more studying to do in the coming years. Jack is the last person you think is listening or paying attention (he’s usually humming or talking or hanging upside down) but he by far hears and retains more than any of my other kids…and I’m serious you would think he’s worlds away when you’re trying to talk or share something with him, but he’s not!! (I wouldn’t know that though unless I intently study him)

I think we as moms want our training and mothering to pay off far sooner than it does and so we give up or switch courses or remain very frustrated when we don’t have results as quick as we want them. I’ve found that I’ve had to tell myself…”what kind of 20 year old do I want my child to be?” It’s when I think long term that usually the more immediate worries of the right now fade and the focus becomes that of their hearts. I know my kid will be reading, not wetting themselves, and not taking toys from their siblings when they are 20…or let’s hope so.  But will they love learning, respect boundaries, take initiative, and honor people? That is what I want to spend the bulk of my parenting on….but those are very often the things that take a whole lot longer to see cultivated.

I love movies like The black stallion and The man from snowy river. Movies starring magnificent horses who most everyone wants to shoot because they are wild and looked at as harmful and useless to a tamed society but then someone special comes along and they help turn this horse into the very one to do the unthinkable and accomplish the incredible! 



Right now many of us moms are dealing with wild bucking hearts that are difficult to tame and society rolls their eyes at our efforts.  I want to be that special someone who celebrates and nurtures the great potential in them. A parent who trains with the end of the movie in mind when everyone’s jaw drops because an unexpected hero emerges!

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