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I’m sitting here watching my kids in full summer mode… the mode where they eat fruit ALL day long and go from playing pretend and being so bored and back to playing over and over again.

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I want to say a lot on here… but then I don’t. I’m struggling in so many areas to know how to put what I’m thinking and feeling into words. I know that I’m not the last word on these issues but I know that He’s given me a voice and I want to use it to share what I know about Him. I know we live in a broken world that makes me long for the day when all will be made right again. But here’s the deal, when people don’t live for the Kingdom of God and for His Glory first and foremost… even at the cost of their comfort, safety and reputation, then we fail to live for what matters most and we will hurt and harm those around us and hinder them to know Him and see Him as Glorious!! 

When people who are trained to keep people safe only do so for some at the expense of harming others…. that’s not being Christ like, it’s letting anger and fear rage.

When people only support businesses who fall in line with what they believe and publicly call for a boycott others who don’t…. that’s not being Christ like, it’s letting law and judgement rule.

When families let things like personal convictions on drinking, holidays, lifestyles and other non salvation issues keep them from living in community… that’s not being Christ like, it’s being judgmental and selfish.

When people are mean and distant to their adoptive family friends because they aren’t doing it the way they think it should be done… that’s not Christ like, it’s letting pride and personal convictions take the throne.

We are a messy people who thankfully salvation and sanctification wasn’t put into our hands to accomplish! But more and more I’m longing for Christ’s return and a righting of wrongs and everything sad to be untrue. A new Kingdom of glory and goodness is coming… and it will be more real and tangible and incredible than the one we wake up to and fall weary to sleep in!

That’s where my hope is.

Come quickly Lord.

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