Things I learned in March

Always love joining Emily at Chatting at the sky for these monthly posts. I don’t always do one but when I do I find it’s a good challenge to write and mentally process the past month.

So here it goes.

trip to the Museum PRINT-030

1. I HATE cold snowy weather…especially when you’re not prepared to go out in it….especially when it happens in March… in Texas…Twice!

I grew up in Alaska. I actually liked snow or at least didn’t hate it. But I think being in the South for the past 15 years has turned me into a warm weather lover…. well, that and having 5 little ones who going outside is pure therapy for them and their mama!  I must confess the first time it snowed in March I didn’t take a photo of them playing in it. I didn’t have it in me to get cold. I actually didn’t care to remember it. I felt a little guilty but got over it pretty quickly, but then it hit again… HUGE blanket of soft white fluffy snow. So in order to not tempt fate again… you can bet your ice cold bottom I took a photo that time.

week 10 2015 dallas littles club -001


2. I learned the hard way that when your kid wants to eat a Fiber One bar for dinner and then wants another one and you think, “hey, it’s healthy what’s the harm, sure son.” Don’t do it! Or else that child will wake up at 0’dark thirty with all that lovely hard working fiber all over his sheets and body.

jack and me-001

the culprit/victim of the fiber one explosion! (our faces were not smiling that night)



3.  That my husband is a blogger! I’ve had the extreme privilege of learning from him the past 11 years of marriage as he reads constantly and thinks deeply about Christ and culture and then regurgitates it back to me. Now (as of this month) he finally has a place of his own in the world wide web sphere to write down those thoughts. We are going to have a big fun giveaway soon to celebrate our “beauty and the brains” blogging team that we’ve become. So keep a heads up for it.

dan with Abel -001

Aside from me, Abel just might be his number #1 fan!


3. b. That right now we both tend to write with a certain angst. I think partly it’s because we have been through such a journey the past 15 years of our lives and through the lessons of grief, struggle, having a transracial family, living in various economical neighborhoods, and just overall Jesus stripping us of the things we once took great pride in and taking our lives on a path that we didn’t ever expect to be on.  Someone said that they felt like we were bashing the church too much. It’s not that we hate the church… oh the contrary, we love the church very much!  We are the church.  It’s just that the more we study and see what the early church and the life of Christ was about the more we look around and wonder if we, especially as American believers, really understand what being the church looks like on a day to day basis. And we are battling that ourselves and what that looks like in our lives most of all.  I think its also a great way to document our faith through years… I want my kids to know that we weren’t afraid to ask questions or challenge the norm or dive into difficult topics. Because they too will have to ask hard questions and deal with a culture that they will either see Jesus as set apart from or working within.  So, I guess you can say that sometimes… we do get angsty and sometimes we get get praisy and passionate and sometimes we post awesome music videos we find on You tube like this one.  🙂

* Have you heard of this guy? I hadn’t until last night actually. He’s SO awesome! His mashups are incredible.  I really like his Summer hits of 2014 Mash up! 

4. I don’t like Meyer lemons. I made a cake with Texas Meyer lemon and despite the warm yellow wonderfulness that I wanted it to be, I didn’t like it at all. It didn’t have the punchy tartness a regular lemon would have…did not know this when I bought it, but now I do. But I took a photo of it before I tried it… so at least it looked pretty.   I am on the hunt for the best lemon bundt cake recipe… so if you know of one send it my way!

lemon cake -001

5. I think this is something that I re-learn every month but I just am not good at limbo. Limbo in relationships… (which is probably why I made poor Dan have way too many DTR talks during our dating process), Limbo in parenthood… the chapter between being a baby and when school starts FEELS like limbo land… but it’s not. But it still feels that way many a time. So I think again, I tend to struggle with finding the settledness I long for in a phase that is soon to pass (and I know I will look back and miss it greatly) but during the day can feel like it will last forever. Limbo in timelines… God transcends time so timelines are only a small piece of the big picture to Him but to this impatient person they are a big deal and I generally have to go running to Him to calm my heart and remind me that He’s got this, it may not be the this I’m thinking of but whatever it may be He’s got it taken care of and He’s already there so I need to chill the heck out! Limbo in communication… I hate not knowing where I stand with someone in a conflict. It’s probably why I press too hard too fast for answers or for resolve. I’m awful at waiting for someone to text/email me back. (and I know that’s like the pot calling the kettle black because Lord knows how many emails slip past me unanswered) But I think, depending on from which side you look at it, that I’m going to be great at keeping in touch with my kids as they grow up… Kids, you don’t text me back, I’ll text all your friends and your friends parents to find out where you are and who chopped off your fingers keeping you from texting me back. Oh the joys they have to look forward to of having me as their mom. 😉

So as I read over this one…  I think I really should title it as #5  I’m just not good at being patient.

all four in circle -001

coloring together-001

eating sees suckers-002Good Morning Sunshines-001me and the kids at the modern-001on fridays we light matches-001waiting for spring-001

 If you’d like to see what I’ve been learning over the past two years with these scattered monthly posts…. go HERE. 

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