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THIS mental organization method fascinates me and I think it’s the perfect addition to incorporate into the Passion Planner/Moleskin Notebook combo I use to somehow not go crazy and keep things in order as far as scheduling.

Fight like a girl.  Oh for more women who can bring the word like Jen Wilkins can. This is such a great reminder of our importance as women in God’s kingdom.  (it’s a 30 minute talk… so when you have time, listen to this and I promise you it will encourage the heck out of you!)

Why my kids are going to HATE me in the coming years of schooling. Write… write… write!!

Maybe in my world it’s “know WHAT to ignore” but THIS article on being productive and ignoring the right people is spot on to prioritizing your life and not letting all the undone things stress you out.

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Probably my most favorite blog lately specifically dealing with Adoption. Even if you’re not an adoptive mom you will still benefit from Jessica’s writing on The Mother Years.  I love what she wrote HERE as she talked about a dark season of her life: ” I went from sadness to kickassness. And hell shuddered because there’s nothing scarier to Satan than someone who knows their worth and can find happiness regardless of their circumstances.”

I want to try this recipe. We made the Pioneer woman’s olive cheese bread and it was just too rich, good but maybe less would be more in that recipe. But this recipe… it looks like it has potential.

Photographers…. I am just as guilty of this but working on getting better in this area. But THIS is a huge must read about CF cards, and why I always choose Sandisk as my memory card brand of choice!

This post from Seth Godin. I probably will include one of his posts every month because he writes with great clarity and makes you think and I usually really am impacted by something he writes each month.  ” Part of being our best selves is having the guts to not avert our eyes, to look closely at what scares us, what disappoints us, what threatens us. By looking closely we have a chance to make change happen.” 

Oh how I’m trying to implement THIS kind of Kindness into my parenting and into my interaction with others in general. As a yeller…. it’s tough. I know my words hurt and wound… and in the moment my words and tone and loudness are showing my fear, my distrust in God and my frustration at feeling out of control. I say I’m sorry often and I’m so thankful for the grace God gives my kids as they forgive me daily.

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Whenever I want a good laugh and a healthy mom dose of sarcasm… I pop on over HERE.   It’s Oh So FUNNY!

I know THIS probably wouldn’t work in every situation… especially since you’re probably curled up in a trunk if you’re in this predicament. BUT who knows, it might come in handy. Just like THIS trick of the “mother’s kiss” did when I watched it and a few weeks later Jack stuck a lego up his nose, It totally worked! Don’t think about it in the moment… you just have to do it.


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