Things I learned in January

1.  Sometimes you don’t know something needs tweaking until you try tweaking it. I thought I had the perfect popcorn system…. I knew the right temp and I never burned the popcorn. Until the other day I bumped up the heat by one number and found that it popped quicker and left almost no leftover seeds.  I could have settled for works good and doesn’t burn… but oh what a difference 1 number up made.  Makes me wonder what else in my life needs tweaking.  I think this is the beauty of goal setting and ongoing reflection… it gives you the room to tweak things and analyze things that might need tweaking.

2.   Sometimes keeping a strict simple schedule frees you up to have days/weeks that are a little more crazy but very fulfilling. I’m learning that although I like my slower simpler days and I’m tempted to stress when my calendar looks busier than normal and have anxiety when the unexpected pops up, that often God is at work in those days with lots of scribbling on them. One unexpected work of God was bringing this sweet mama to my home for a mini-mini headshot session. (like we took them a stones throw from my house in a trashy alley). Sometimes an hour on the porch listening to a friends story is all you need to give you perspective on what you think is a stressful week.

This adoptive mama who is also a Cancer survivor Blogs HERE:


3. I used to think that it only bothered me when people said “you have to be a strong/patient/good/etc.. person to have 5 kids so close together/adopt” But I realized this month that it bothers me anytime someone says “you HAFE to be a strong/patient/good person to do ______ (fill in the blank).  I think we are all thrown into journeys and challenges and twists and turns and tragedy that being strong/good/patient wasn’t a prerequisite for.  Someone one facebook said to a mom of a newborn with Down syndrome… “you have to be a strong person to care for a newborn with Down syndrome.”  I wanted to yell LIAR! But I didn’t.  Each one of us could point to things in our lives that have come into it that either helped us become stronger… more patient.. and realize that only God is truly good but He gives good gifts to us and His image in us is beautiful and good.  So ya’ll… lets’ think before saying what people have to be or what they are and focus on who they are becoming through the journey God has them on.


4. I learned I love all of these. Check out my #Casey_LovingLately hashtag on Instagram. @caseychappell.


5. I learned that if you’re counting calories…. Cheesecake Factory is NOT the place you want to go. But that it’s still doable… if you don’t eat pretty much anything else that day and order a salad and split the Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake.


6. I’m going to miss Parenthood for a long time!! That show taught me SO much about the way I want to do family and life together. Here are a few take aways that the Braverman family inspired me with.  * let your kids come home  * marriages are worth fighting for  *adoption is rarely the adventure we set out on and harder than we think but more fulfilling than we could ever imagine. * put your kids needs first in dealing with school systems…. if needed create the school your kid needs. 🙂 * kids will go through all kinds of crap and phases in their lives but if you maintain/pursue a relationship with them you will be there with them on the other side.  *Travel more as a married couple  *We need to come along side of parents with children with autism and support them way more than we do.  *plastic surgery is almost always a bad idea (camille)… but over time people will get used to it. *pursue your dreams  *support your spouse as they pursue their dreams  * take up projects as you get older that you can incorporate your kids/grandkids into. * step back and look at your family and enjoy what God has given you.



7. Organic ground beef is worth the extra money. It just is.  Save in other areas, but the ground beef….buy the grass-fed stuff. (and not having to split up and rewrap the meat by getting the 3 pack of organic at costco is just worth the splurge all the way around.)



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