oh so good : January

THIS music video of a smash-up of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space + Style


Might be one of the best blog posts I’ve read so far this year.  SO full of HOPE and Great wisdom on doing the things we don’t feel like doing! (which in my life is a good bit of what I do every day… or should be doing every day.)

I want these bandaids. I’ve been saying for years someone should make these and SOMEONE did! They look great!  #diversityinhealing

I love words. And THIS post showed me SO many words I misuse.

These prints from my darling friend Mandie Joy…. super mom and foster mom! Come on oil mamas… you KNOW you need this print!

Fascinating. Completely fascinating to me. Oh for a spirit of Hygge while waiting for spring to come.

This girls post REALLY makes me want to try Blue Apron…. and makes me want to blog like her! Anyone of you try Blue Apron yet?

I know a lot of people diss on Facebook and social media often but THIS post really shows how meaningful and life changing Facebook is for special needs moms. I know it’s been life changing for me… especially since we might never had heard about Abel had the need for a family for him not been posted on facebook. #downsyndromerocks

These cookies.

If you are going through a hard time with a wayward child or know someone who is. THIS post is SO SO good. It’s full of hope and super practical advice for parents. I know we aren’t close to this time in our lives but already it’s helping us know how to love others around us who are running from those they lose and also to start now and implementing things with our kids so that when those days of tension and tough love come then we will have laid some groundwork before hand.

And finally these two commercials.  HERE + HERE




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