He is in the brokenness

These faces and their stories represent so much brokenness and hurt and loss. And if dan and I were to lie down with them it would add even more sin and pain and grief.

Please don’t think that we have this beautiful family because we live a good life or are deserving or because we are special people or that fate brought us together. It’s only because we have an incredible God who works above, within, in spite of, and through brokenness and the ugly parts of our lives and this world to create something that nobody could have planned or thought of in those very low moments.

I’m so thankful that God is always consistent with His character and that it’s for His name sake and His glory that we receive such joy and are freed from the bondage of thinking we have to live perfect lives in order to gain His love and favor! Because you don’t. So please if you think you have to get your act together before you come to Christ… That’s a lie. If you think that the trial you are facing is because He is punishing you or If you had chosen a different life things would all be better… You’re wrong.

His grace is so vast and beautiful that if you were to truly taste and see you’d see how the broken things in your life are often the very things that bring us close to Him, that show off His sufficiency, that end up being the very things that God uses to create the beautiful things in our life (the things we wouldn’t trade a perfect pain free life for) I’m so thankful for these little image bearers of God running around (driving me crazy) reminding me that it’s all about Him and even my trust in Him today is because of His work in my often faithless heart!

So here’s to all the messes and screw ups and brokenness to come and may we find Him there. Because He is.

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