Post Christmas Tips our family finds helpful

Post Christmas Tips:

1. Take a photo of what each kid got (group up gifts and shoot!) so that you can remember and when you’re done have your kid find a good place for each gift. I started doing this this year because I can’t remember for the life of me the gifts that were given and received last year. (and that’s sad!) So I just snapped them with my iPhone and they will go into the years project life album. And this isn’t everything… I couldn’t find her gloves and a necklace and I’m sure a few other things…  and they got lots of duplos but I just included a few to show that this was the year we got them that. So… just do what you can!

I think it will cultivate gratefulness even after toys are broken and things get lost or used up.   *also, kids when they are younger and don’t care about brands and such, I found those two cute dancer and fox t-shirts at a thrift store a few months ago and she loves dancing and foxes… so of course she was over the moon excited to get them.

I threw in a photo of Zoe’s drawing of santa delivering gifts for memory sake

2. Make a Christmas 2015 Pinterest Board. That way all the things that went well you can pin to remember to do next year and the things you wished you had done or learned about too late to do you can pin as well and come next fall you can look up that board and get ahead start on planning and doing what works best for your family. Also start a Making Things Happen 2015 Board…. it’s where we can pin our hopes and dreams and a big place of all things this coming year!

I look at Pinterest as a big filing cabinet…accessible from almost anywhere!


3. Save your Christmas cards and put them in a small decorative box and use them as prayer reminders through the year for you and your kids to pray for your friends and family at breakfast or dinner table! LOVE this idea! 

4. If you’re wanting to change something for next year, different tree theme… christmas projects… etc.. Shop now and get stuff for really cheap. It’s a lot easier to add to new themes/decor come next december when you have a head start! But keep in mind that you’re still storing stuff so it’s taking up real estate so only do this if you have the space to spare. (we sure don’t!)

This is from our “Joy to the World” Christmas theme this year. We had all kinds of races and tribes and places…. including people groups such as ninjas, people of Arendalle and even a merman. Now that we know what the theme for this year and next we can go ahead and get a few things on sale to add to our tree next year.


5. Go ahead and write things down on your Nov-Dec 2015 Calendar like what weekend you want to see santa or get a tree or to remind you about certain things like St. Nicholas Day (which I forget about until the day of and then it’s too late to plan for) It’s amazing how fast calendars fill up…. reserve those spots now!  This Passion Planner is the Calendar my husband and I are going to use this year! I can’t WAIT to get it in the mail.  For now I’m just using a really cheap one to mark future dates on.


Any tips you guys use and swear by to make the new year better and to better prepare for next year’s advent season?

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