Make it Happen by Lara Casey { Book Review }

I don’t remember how I came across Lara Casey but I do remember the day we became friends. It was through Instagram. Someone said to me the other day that my online friends aren’t real friends and Oh how I wish they knew how wrong they were, and the incredible community that I am blessed to have and call friends. True friends. Lara is one of the most selfless authentic and crazy about Jesus yet gets real life and the struggles it presents person I’ve ever met. Ya’ll she’s the real deal.

Her workshop turned conference now turned book has made such an impact on my life especially as a wife and a mom of lots of littles. You see, I’m a creative and for years I thought that meant I was doomed to a life of scattered brained messy chaotic living. Lists, To-do’s, schedules, goal setting…. they just seemed to stifle who I was. It wasn’t me. Or so I thought.  I didn’t know I could be truly myself and embrace intentional planned out living and that it would give me the freedom to be MORE creative and MORE about people and MORE fun! Making Things happen did that for me. (So did her power sheets!)

Now, I’ve gone to the one day intensive workshop, gone to the 2 day conference and now read the book. And I think that whatever venue you first have your eyes opened to these concepts and way of thinking will always be the one most endeared to you, so for me it was the workshop. But I promise that in each case Lara and her friends share the same information and are always transparent and challenging.  She did that and more in this book. And honestly, reading the book is a bit more like having Lara all to yourself in an in-depth conversation… which sometimes you long for but can’t really have in the context of a more public event.

So…. here’s a little review.

Lara writes in a style that makes you feel like you’re sitting on the couch sharing a conversation with you. I for one really appreciate that since by the time I get a chance to read a book, I enjoy one that not only feeds my mind with knowledge but also engages my heart as well. This book does both of those things.

Lara basically takes the first section of her book and starts at the beginning of her journey…. actually she starts way before then as she weaves her family heritage into the life shaping events that take place in her life. But it doesn’t take her too long to dive in deep into her own past struggles and failures, all which brought her to the starting point of asking all kinds of questions. Just the beginning of her journey would take her through career crissis, therapy sessions, life threatening health complications, hospitals, hometown state of emergencies, family tragedy, broken hearts and crushed dreams and so much more.  She takes you along and shows you what chasing perfect looked like in her driven ambitious life.  She writes,I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do to be successful. In the race towards measuring up, we often don’t realize that we’re being fueled by something harmful.   We follow along through the extremes she ran to and the longing for an anchor to stabilize her when the storms would come, to finally choosing to let it all go.

Each chapter reads like a story and somehow turns into a mentoring session that has you asking yourself all sorts of questions and reflecting and digging deep in order to get to a place where you deal with the things that are holding you back from doing what you were created to do!

The second and third section of her book is telling how slowly but surely the broken pieces of her life started coming together in a way that formed a life she never could have even imagined she wanted. Many of the twists and turns were in fact leaps of faith  and would prepare her for a journey that would be such a monumental part of who she is today and what she does and why she does it.

She writes ” The biggest leap in dance in the grand jeté, and its much like the biggest leaps in our lids: you take to the air with powerful, springing force and extend your whole being into an expansive gliding split. It’s terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. It feels like flying, as if you might nefer land. But you build wings on the way down, preparing you for the next leap– because there will be many ahead. …I heard God whisper to my heart, Grand jeté, Lara Casey!


As I was reading these chapters of her sharing about living a life on purpose, questioning everything  and setting boundaries, my heart and soul would echo YES… this is what I want… this is what I NEED! And not only does she tell you how she does it, she challenges you right there in ways you can make it happen as well.

The book works brilliantly in a process that first targets our soul and the depths there that need unearthing…. then moves to our heart and the desires that we know God put there but don’t know the why or the what in regards to doing anything about it, then lastly, she gently but firmly takes our hands and feet and says do this… walk here… write this down… don’t do this… you can do this!

No matter what “it” is that you want to see and make happen…. this book is your starting place. It will point you to a much deeper starting place to begin with than you wanted to start… in fact it might feel a lot like stepping backwards at times. But I promise you it’s worth it and each section has incredible purpose.  This is not a book to rush through and not want to mark up…. grab your coffee or go to a coffee shop and make sure you have a pen… maybe even some tissues, and be ready to Surrender your fears, Take leaps and discover what Living on Purpose needs to look like in your life!

Watch this… then Go order the book!

Chasing Perfect from Twenty-One Films on Vimeo.

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