Jerrard + Kristin

They met in an unlikely way… in an unusual time in their lives… on the heels of unbelievable change and moments before unshakeable sorrow.  But that’s what I love most about the stories that God likes to write. It’s not anything like the way we think the story should go. And the best love stories are the ones where two people are holding on to Jesus for dear life and only have the light needed for the next step but yet you pray for the pathway to show itself  and halfway begging it not to, knowing that if it did you’d relax your grip on the One who has got you in His Almighty hands and in His arms is exactly where you want to be….together.

The past 9 months have been a whirlwind of God’s hand leading, pulling, taking, and carrying these two through the first hello to this day and beyond. I can’t wait to read the rest of the story as He continues to unravel this romance novel of grace and unity. Kristin and Jerrard turned a special holiday weekend into an incredible time of togetherness and thanksgiving as well as a celebration of a covenant that will endure a lifetime.

Thank you Veronique for capturing this incredible day along side of me. You were amazing and saved the day in your creative ways like 295 times!

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