Abel 18 month update

We quit all therapies for Abel a few months ago and what a difference it’s made in our family.

I’m not saying that therapy is bad (and I miss those sweet friends) it just wasn’t right for us…for Abel…for what I want him to become. I got weary of the checklist of what he was and wasn’t doing or the timeline of what age development he seemed to be at. I had spent many hours and days and weeks studying this child and I knew him like I know my others. I knew when something was clicking and when it just wasn’t time yet. I saw him use his creativity to figure out how to get what and where he wanted and honestly, I was more impressed with his unique ways and creative moves than I was worried that the way he picked didn’t use his core muscles as much as the way other kids do. For the rest of his life I hope he is always thinking up new and original ways to accomplish what his heart and mind want! I hope he’s always the one observing and studying others until he just one day decides he’s tired of watching and he will start doing.

I think we as a society have made Down syndrome much more of a medical condition than a way of life. Sure, it can come with lots of medical issues…but not always. Lets treat the issues that come but not tie them so intimately with Down syndrome that we think they are the one and the same.

I think Abel, and others with an extra chromosome, have disabilities that can and will bring out many other abilities that others have disabilities in. This world needs that!!

I love challenging this kid and seeing him take on each day with determination and lots of joy!! But in no way do I want him to be average or just like everyone else. I want more…and sometimes it seems like that means less. As the years come and go…we might need some specialists in certain areas and I’m all about keeping him reaching for the stars, but for right now, he’s an incredible baby who is growing much too quickly and his world is expanding each and every day. And from what I can tell, he’ll be ready when he needs to be for whatever is to come.

There’s truly 1001 ways this child lights up our days!

At 18 months (18 months is definitely one of my favorite ages, 3 being my most favorite I think) Abel is crawling like crazy, loves any food the consistency of refried beans…especially refried beans! He makes a great Texan! he’s pulling up on things, signs “more” when asked, knows where his nose, ears, hair, mouth and belly button are, loves being with his siblings wherever they are but I think he loves his crib too because it’s a safe haven from them when he wants a break from the craziness.

He still take 3-4 bottles a day of goats milk formula, makes a bee line for the door when someone goes outside, can use his toes to make about any toy turn on, ready to play peekaboo at any time watches things around him and takes it all in…he really becomes observant and concerned when his brothers or sisters are crying or in trouble, says dada and a form of jack-jack and zo-zo….still waiting on mama. Has 5 teeth and drools constantly. He’s all smiles at home but when we go out around other people he gets all serious and quiet. He’s determined when it comes to getting around, impatient when it comes to food, curious when it comes to playtime, and funny and always playing games when it comes to interacting with us.

Y’all…. ‪#‎downsyndromerocks‬

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