Prostitutes & Pepsi

There was a knock at the door and on the doorstep was a woman who looked twice her age due to her profession of walking our streets and selling her body and the life that came with. She was a woman who we had come to know and wave to often. She would always wave back and ask about the pregnancy as each week passed by.  But here she stood, excited to meet the new baby in our home. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes as we told her that Asher didn’t come home with us. She melted into a crying puddle.  For being half drunk she really made a lot of sense as she grieved this baby we didn’t even know she was that excited about in the first place. At some point she was angry crying… she said, “Why would God allow your baby to die and the baby of another prostitute on this street is still alive and she’s doing all sorts of damage to him because of what she’s putting into her body and what she’s doing with her body?”  I then explained that God doesn’t work in the way we often think He should and that He is good and knows what He is doing.  After she left I couldn’t stop thinking about the woman who was walking the streets and growing a baby inside of her at the same time.

When I realized who the expectant mother on our street was I would wave to her… she would ignore me. I realized that getting into her heart was going to take more than waving. I brought out the big guns… I knew my Rice Krispie Treats would do the trick! So I made some. And I brought them to her. I’ll always remember the look of fear in her eyes as I pulled over the car to give her some treats and the confusion that replaced the fear when I told her what they were.  I also told her that I had a nursery full of baby stuff that my baby wouldn’t get to use because he was in heaven and that if she wanted to come by I had a lot of stuff she could have.  She waited a few days, but I almost jumped up and down when I looked to see who was knocking on my door and saw her standing on my porch. She timidly came in and then relaxed a little when I handed her some food and brought out the baby stuff. It was clear she didn’t know what anything was and that having a baby was something she really had yet to wrap her own mind around. She was almost in denial about it.

she was just a few weeks from giving birth. Zoe was just a wee babe here… maybe a few days old.

But over the months She would come over and she’d have lunch with me… I found out she liked Pepsi and bought that for her, and so she’d eat and we’d talk. Her comfort zone was to take the food and leave… but I told her that she’s welcome to eat with me as long as she would eat WITH me, so she did. It took a while to learn about her and that she had had a really rough painful life up to this point. But slowly she started to mention the baby and her growing belly and the aches and pains and unknowns that come along with pregnancy. She had had an ultrasound so she knew it was a boy but after that had stopped going to the Dr.  So whatever food I could feed her was about as far as it went in preparing for this baby in a healthy way. Over the next four months we actually became friends. I would worry about her if I hadn’t seen her in a while, I would think about her at the grocery store, I would push a little more into conversations (that sometimes ended with her cussing me out and running out the door)

She called me a few hours after she gave birth…. she had a perfectly healthy little boy!  I got to see something happen in the heart of this calloused prostitute as I walked into the room all I saw was a mother who was overwhelmed with love for this little baby beside her.

The next few days were challenging as she entered into rehab and worked to get custody of her baby boy Tash. And she did and she raised him the first few years the best she knew how and with the limited knowledge and made the best of the resources she had access to.

I wish I could say she went on to parent wisely and that she lives for Jesus now and everything is hunky dory… because she didn’t and she doesn’t and it isn’t. Tash has a new home with a family who I hope have been praying and wishing for a son like him, even though becoming a new family will have plenty of challenges for them.  April is grieving the loss of her son and while she probably understands… she is hurting and the hurting part doesn’t understand.   It’s my prayer that she will remember the conversations me and others have had with her about Jesus and Who He is and What He’s done for her…. and that she will run to Jesus with this broken heart and find Him to be the Healer and the God who makes ALL things New!

I wish I was in Raleigh to make her some Rice Krispie Treats or to share a Pepsi with her. Hopefully others are being there for her…. if she lets them in.

But I’m forever changed by God letting me be a part of those few months of expecting Tash and walking along side of her as she got off the streets and fought to be the kind of mother that she never had.

Who could you make something for in the hopes of starting a relationship with? Is there someone who you see often in your neighborhood? It could be a guy on a bike… It could be an older person who checks his mail at the same time every day… it could be the neighbor with the mean dogs….it could be

Ya’ll…. don’t JUST make rice krispie treats and give them away for kindness sake. People are hurting, they are lost, they need a Savior, they need an answer for the hope within us. This might sound controversial but we don’t want to Air condition the ride to hell. We don’t want to just make life comfortable for those around us. Now, Jesus did often meet needs, real needs of those around Him… but He always offered Himself as the lasting Hope and the answer to their True need (often the one they couldn’t see they even had) So let us meet needs… in order for them to see that there is something greater and grander being offered to them.  You can’t change their hearts but you can introduce them to the heart changer!!

And Here is my Awesome Rice Krispie Recipe!


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