Folding & Vacuuming & Lots of Humility

Sometimes Hospitality means having the humility to let others serve you. To let down your guard and comfort zone to let others in and to let them help you. Sometimes Hospitality means letting someone mess up and not do something perfect in the name of blessing you.

Growing up our home was a place where our friends wanted to be. They loved coming over. My mother who always wanted the house to be presentable before people coming over (which now as a mother of 5 realize how stressful or should I say Messful we made her days I’m sure as a group of 9!). So friends would call us and say “can I come over?” and we’d say “probably not, I still haven’t vacuumed the upstairs or I haven’t sorted the sock basket or I haven’t cleaned the garage out.” And I remember one friend would always say “no problem, I’m great at vacuuming and I’ll come over and help before she even notices I’m there.” and he would… and he was great at vacuuming! But I wonder how many times my mom looked the other way, because I’m sure she noticed he was there helping. But she let him serve us. And it made us all more like family.

we had a vacuum cleaner just like this growing up. It was dang heavy but it worked great! (and mom was smart… with 9 kids they had gray carpet for the win!)

The other day my neighbor came over and I was folding clothes….MOUNDS of clothes ya’ll… mountains!! And she sat right down and helped me fold the crazy amount of nice stylish clothes my family has. And she was just trying to get a break from the heat (yep, we still have crazy hot days here in TX) because her house didn’t have electricity because of an issue with the city and this had been going on for 3 weeks… and I had barely heard her complain. She sat and helped me fold all those clothes. It was humbling but it was one of my favorite visits with her.


6 years ago when we came home from the hospital after losing Asher,¬†we walked into our home and it was sparkling clean from top to bottom. What a blessing that gift was to us. We were tired and had muddled minds and a clean home was something that just helped so much those first few days. Ladies from our church had cleaned our home, and put mums on our porch and a sweet girl had come over and washed all our clothes (my water had broke so we left the house in a tizzy days before)… and she had washed every stitch of clothing….and ALL my husbands ties were nicely washed and hung to dry over the shower stall. I’m tearing up just writing about remembering that moment because I think it was so sweet and so thoughtful that even the fact that the sweet single girl didn’t know not to wash ties really didn’t matter and actually meant more to us in that moment. We smiled so big and then had a great laugh… probably a sit on the floor laugh until we cried laugh. And our hearts needed just that.


Having lost a child, having had 5 children come to our family so quickly and even now being in a place where I’m often overwhelmed or at a place where I can’t do it all or be everywhere at once… I’ve had to learn that sometimes there is great joy in the act of opening up your heart and humbling yourself to let others in… not to be served but to actually allow them to bless you.


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