Crawlers & Freshly Mopped Floors

I’m NOT a person who likes to clean. I don’t enjoy it. It’s definitely a labor of love.  And I think a big part of cleaning is that you do it to love others (and yourself) but often it’s a thankless job and sometimes you do it and you’re not even sure who it will matter to. But we do it anyway.

But sometimes you know who it will matter to when you clean.

Every wednesday afternoon I would work towards getting to the point where I could gather all the kids on the couch and finish the sweeping and then go to town with the mopping towel (yes, I mop with a towel… my mom always did it that way and despite all the mops/swiffers I’ve tried in my day, none work for me like a good old towel does!).  I wanted those floors to shine because I knew a princess would be scooting around on them in a few hours.  Violet has Spina Bifida which has given her challenges when it comes to using her legs the way most kids her age do. But she doesn’t seem to let that stop her from much. I loved watching her get from place to place… from new person back to mom… from piano to couch to table.  She scooted and crawled all around and she had a clean floor to do so on.  I wanted her mommy to know that she could go anywhere in our home and be safe and clean.

Having a child with Down syndrome is kind of like having an extended babyhood/toddlerhood.  Yes, he’s growing and reaching milestones but he’s doing so in his own timeframe. Which means when all the rest of my children were walking by 12 months or soon thereafter…. Abel was just mastering army crawling!  Kids grow so fast… you blink and you’ll miss a stage of development it seems. Abel lets me enjoy each one and soak them up before they are gone.  But I’ve noticed that Floors have had to have a lot more TLC for a lot longer than most families going through the crawling stage.  I’ll be honest sometimes at the end of the day I’m a little humbled when Abel’s outfit has the day’s scooting aftermath all over the front of it. But it reminds me that these floors matter.

So if you have friends who have babies in the crawling stage… if you have friends with special needs….and that might be kids with physical needs such as immune compromised systems that require an extra through cleaning with sanitizing cleaner, it might be kids with allergies that need you to keep the dog/cat outside and the furniture vacuumed, it might be new moms who need you to have a big bottle of hand sanitizer ready for your family to use before loving on her baby,  it might be turning off the busy TV or setting up something hands on fun for a friend whose child who might have sensory issues.

When you think of people’s needs and anticipate them and strive to meet them where they are in life… in parenthood, it blesses them more than you know! It’s throwing open your doors and saying, come… let my home be a safe place for your family and to have a place that you mama can let your hair down and feel loved!

I used to mop my floors with Mrs. Meyers… and I do love the smell of their cleaners. But then someone gave me a bottle of Thieves Concentrated Cleaner and at first I thought since it smelled like Christmas (cinnamon, cloves) to me I didn’t really use it… until one day I did. This stuff CLEANS!!! I have to confess that when I ran out last month I didn’t clean the highchair for a week because I knew nothing would handle the mess on it until I had my Thieves back.  It’s excellent!!! And a bottle lasts for a long time because you dilute it.  You can get it at a discount through any of the 50+ people posting on your facebook wall about Young Living Oils. 😉  You need this stuff. I love that I can clean my home with it and welcome all sorts of special needs (my son included) and know that I’m loving them and their family well because I’m using it.


This is Day 3 of my  31 Days of Gospel Driven Hospitality. Go HERE to check out the rest of the series.

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