A boy & his truck

I think one of the best ways to be a hospitable person is to have been raised that way. I know my upbringing has a lot to do with the way I look at my home and my resources as it relates to making room for others to belong. I’ll be talking about more of my years growing up in posts to come. The way you model hospitality in front of your kids will matter when they are grown and have their own homes and families.

I think one way in particular that we can encourage our boys to become men who serve and give of themselves even when it’s not easy or fun is to encourage them to get a truck when they start driving. ¬†I want whatever kid of mine who is driving to have a vehicle that is easily identifiable (that way everyone knows where they are going and where they’ve been! ūüėČ ) ¬†such as painted a bright yellow color or a certain kind of car like a VW bug…. or a bright yellow VW bug…. or for the sake of this post, how about a bight yellow chevy truck!


Someone with a truck is always someone who can help people move, move big things, haul stuff away, carry lots of luggage… you know all those things that aren’t necessarily fun to do but when someone does them for you, you are SO incredibly grateful they did.

My brother John had a truck in college. And on the weekends he took that truck and sometimes a buddy and he would drive the loop in the city we lived in looking for stranded people, people whose vehicles were broken down, accidents that had happened, vehicles stuck in the mud or snow, and just those who had run out of gas. Oh the stories he could tell and would tell us week after week. He met the most fascinating and funny people doing this. And other times he’d tell heartbreaking stories of people dying in his arms. He was a beacon of hope and rescue to random strangers who after a quick car ride, a few gallons of gas, a trip to the hospital, they were no longer random strangers but people whose paths were meant to cross. ¬† Something he did was help people in need and then not take any money for it and invite them to his church that weekend to be his guest. He had many not take him up on the invite…. and that’s okay, his helping them wasn’t a “I did this for you for the purpose of ¬†getting you into church”¬†kind of thing, but some did come… and some I’m sure found a community and some may have found a different kind of rescue, a rescue of the heart.

So mama’s don’t let your boys grow up to be car drivers…. get that boy a truck and watch how God uses it to refine his heart into a servants heart. He will soon see how serving others and welcoming them into your life sometimes is even ¬†a bigger blessing to himself than to the one he’s helping haul, move or pickup!

If you wanted to take this even to greater possibilities, teach your sons the basics early on, have your sons apprentice after school or on saturdays at a local car mechanic. I think… who knows what my life will look like in 10 years, but I hope we will be able to give our sons that opportunity. I’d love for them to spend a year¬†working on cars… and a year working with a builder. I think that will be so helpful to their future employers, their wives and children and their church body and their community!


Let’s raise hospitable and helpful sons!!

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