31 days of Gospel driven Hospitality


I’ve told myself for months now… SELF, you’re NOT going to join the 31 day writing series this year. Especially since last year’s series on Adoption (which I LOVED writing) made it only halfway through.  But what did I decide to do just today?  Write a 31 day series. I probably shouldn’t considering the crazy month I have before me. But something in me has been dying to write for some time now.  SO I’m going to try to not be a perfectionist about these posts, which is usually what keeps me from finishing posts. (I feel like they have to be super fancy and illustrated or I feel like I have to know everything about the subject before I post.)

I picked Hospitality because I love it. I grew up in a very hospitable home in Alaska where many a stranger/guest found a warm place in our home a mist the cold weather outside. And the past few years that’s really all I felt I’ve had to offer anyone outside my family… myself and my home.  So I’m going to just dive in and show off 31 ways we can love others through hospitality.


Hospitality takes strangers and visitors (those who don’t call here home) and takes them in and welcomes them. And the awesome thing about hospitality is that those who come in a certain way, strangers…visitors… often don’t leave as such. They become family… friends… part of our lives.  When is the last time a stranger has come into your home? I think as Americans we tend to be more fearful of what strangers might do to us instead of realizing that a book that is true and filled with wisdom tells us in Hebrews 13:2  “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”  ANGELS!?  

But then there is the Gospel driven part of the Hospitality I want to write about.  And basically it’s this….

So… while I hope to be able to write these posts that I have swelling up in my heart, I will try my best and pray that God uses what I am able to write. When I post them I will also add the links to their titles below. (and Notice not a single post will be about how to have the best guest room in your house)

Day 1. 31 Days of Gospel Driven Hospitality & How I’m crazy for doing the 31 day series!     * I knew going into this series that it was a crazy month and that I might not finish it on time… or ever. But I hope to over the next few weeks finish these posts because they mean a ton to me! 

Day 2.  Couches &  Coffee Cups

Day 3. Crawlers & Freshly mopped Floors

Day 4. Singles & that Spare Bedroom

Day 5. Prostitutes & Pepsi

Day 6. Boys & their Trucks

Day 7. Muddled Minds & Meal Trains

Day 8. No Time & No Bake Cookies

Day 9.  Folding & Vacuuming & Lots of Humility

Day 6. Foster kids & your Fifties

Day 11. Lost & Found

Day 12. Mommies & Mental Sanity

Day 13. Reading & Resting

Day 14. Hospice & Hope

Day 15. The Ministry of Moving & Muscle Pain

Day 16. Orphans & Our Comfort Zone

Day 17. Provision & Poverty

Day 18. Road Trips & Rest Stops

Day 19. Seekers & Skeptics

Day 20. Hospital Stays & Helping

Day 21. A Time to play & A time to go home

Day 22. Birthdays & Birth moms

Day 23. Ailments & Oils

Day 24. Small Groups & The Smorgasbord

Day 25. Pastimes & Pot Roast

Day 26. College & Cast Iron Skillets

Day 27. Sunday Afternoons & Popcorn

Day 29. Mission Trips & Mixed Emotions

Day 30. Links I love & Loving well

Day 31. Pinterest & Perfectionism



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